Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Quilted Audrey's Friendship Star Quilt

Audrey named it "Paddle Star Galactica".

Thanks Audrey for selecting me to quilt your challenge quilt.  I really enjoyed quilting it.

Here's a before photo.

Selecting the quilting thread.

I was thinking I needed 3 colors, but I ended up only using the light pink and the blue.

I quilted wiggle lines in the blue sections and tiny meandering in the background of the star blocks.  Lines through the center squares on the chevron fabric with swirls on the points of the stars.

I used double batting --- 80/20 cream and Poly white on the top.

I quilted the floral background with Two Color Ribbon Quilting and Whimsical Flowers.

Took a few photos at weird angles so you can see the dimension of the quilting.

Here's a full view.

And the backside.

I love how it turned out!

Information about getting your challenge quilt detail quilted for only $25.00 --- Click here.

I really enjoyed quilting Audrey's Quilt and look forward to quilting hers again and other participants too.

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Enjoy your day!


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