Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sharing My Quilts in November - Denim Quilt Block

Tuesday, I shared my Blue "Denim Quilt Block" Quilt and about Ribbon Quilting on my Periscope Video. Click here to see that post. 

Sharing some up close photos of my Blue Quilt here.

Click here for the link to the Denim Quilt Block PDF Downloadable pattern for only $1.00 in my Craftsy Store.

These are the shorts I used for the centers of my denim blocks.

Gabby and Toby all cuddled up in the denim quilt.

I shared this table topper quilt today --- I named this one "Marcia Squared".  Click here for the posts about this quilt and the quilting.

 This is one of the placemats I made with the denim scraps.

The table is all set and ready.  Click here to see a post about my denim placemats.

I am enjoying sharing quilts from my past.

Thanks for following along here and on my videos.


Monday, November 9, 2015

Can You Quilt This for Me, Marcia? Yes I Can!

My customers ask me to quilt the coolest things!  How many times have I said that?

This is one of my "Up Close to my Quilting" posts. I shared several photos of the whole process. 

About 10 years ago, my customer made a large wall hanging for the backdrop, for a wedding ceremony.  She fused raw edge applique pieces of fabric onto a background fabric. 

Then this past year, she washed it and cut it into smaller sections. She started to hand stitch the leaves, but it was too hard to stitch thru' the layers.  She came to me and asked me:  Can you quilt these 2 sections for me?  I would like it to be thread painted to hold the fabrics, with veins in the leaves and textures in the branches and loops in the background.    Yes, I can!

My customers bring me the coolest quilts!

Here is what the leaves looked like BEFORE I thread painted on them.

And here they are AFTER.

I took several photos of the whole process of quilting the leaves and tree and the background.....

You can see in this photo where she started to hand stitch the leaves and it was too difficult through all the layers. She will pull out her hand stitching after I quilt it.

You can see that the fusible wasn't even holding any more.  I was able to quilt it all down nice and tight as I thread painted on the tree and the leaves and the background.

Check out the backside!

My customers bring me the coolest quilts! Do you agree?

I LOVE my job! I never have a boring day of quilting - thread painting.  And I love when my customers bring me quilting challenges!

Thanks for following along!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thread Painting on Batik Fabrics

I shared Thread Painting on Batiks for my second Periscope Video (Nov. 5th) Click here for the Replay of the videos.  

My Orange Quilt is from 2008. I am sharing Quilts from My Past in November. The photos of the quilts above were made and quilted in 2008 with the exception of the Pinwheel Quilt.  It was created for 2015 for the Focus Through the Prism Series for Project Quilting.  In the sidebar of my blog, there is a link to the post about how I created and thread painted the Pinwheel Quilt. Click here for the link to that post. I shared a photo, each time I changed colors. 

When I created my periscope video, I explained how I thread painted on the quilts. I shared the original fabric.

The larger quilt and the magazine bag were just quilted fabric and the Pinwheel Quilt was pieced. I cut the batik fabric into squares and mixed them up and pieced it back together.  It scattered the flowers and then they overlapped. 

To make it easier to show the quilts during the video, I layered them on my cutting table and shared each one and then moved it over to the side.

I zoomed in on the thread painted flowers, so you can see a few up close photos.

It took me about 3 months to complete the Thread Painting on the large quilted quilt.  I only quilted during my free time --- after work, at the end of my quilting day.  I quilt customer's quilts during the day, Monday through Friday.  I quilt my quilts in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Thanks for following along as I share my quilts from the past. 

Don't forget to hop over and check out the replay of my videos at Click here to go directly to the website to view my videos.

After I made the second video, I decided to make a 3rd really short one of me quilting Paisley Swirls -- Longarm Quilting in action.  Check that video too. Click here