Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What is the May for Me Celebration?

The simple explanation is  ---- "Taking time for yourself".

This is our 4th Annual May for Me Celebration.

See the May for Me Celebration Page for a longer explanation and history about it.

You can add a link to your Blog, if you share at least one post about what you will do to celebrate May for Me --- Taking time for yourself.  And Grab the May for Me Button and add it to your sidebar.  Thanks for sharing!

Here's how I celebrate the May for Me Celebration: 

1. Giveaways each week on my blog during May!

2. Sharing a Linky Party for the May for Me Participants on the May for Me Celebration Page.

2. Sharing a "Minutes for Me Linky Party" each week for participants to share links to posts if you share about May for Me and something you did to take time for yourself or share a tutorial, a recipe, or a time saving tip or two.

3. A few posts about learning how to take a few minutes to smell the roses, relax and breathe, and taking time to sew and quilt just for fun!  I took a crocheting class recently and I will share about that soon. I am going to share some of my thread painting too.  The stuff I like to do --- Just for fun!

That is it --- It is that simple --- May for Me!

Share a Post about the May for Me Celebration and Add your link to the May for Me Celebration Page.

Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts has already shared a post and added her link!  

Take time to enjoy a moment or two in May!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Triangle Drool Bibs for a Teething Baby

I created a simple quilted project this week for the Triangle Challenge for Project Quilting, but I challenged myself by using t-shirt knits and I tried my hand at "Big Stitch Quilting".


I cut the pattern from my grandson's a drool bib. I added seam allowance.  There were snaps on his but I selected velcro for mine.

I cut out some of the little houses, trees, and the clothesline of wash from the city fabric.

I cut up an old blanket for batting to stabilize the t-shirt knit and the body of the bib.

I stitched it and left an opening, so I could turn right side out.  When I turned it, I found it was too thick. I trimmed away the blanket (that I used for batting) and left it under the stitching. That way it still kept it stable.

I hand stitched the opening closed and tried my hand at "Big Stitch Quilting".  I stitched around the edge and meandered through the design to hold it in place on the bib.

Up close.

Up close on the backside.

More up close.

I stitched velcro on the points.  I trimmed the velcro with rounded corners.  That way there would not be sharp points on the corners of the velcro to poke the baby's tender skin.

 I want the triangle bib to be nice and soft around my grandson's neck.  The bib will absorb all the drool, so the front of his shirt is not wet against his skin. Some will still go through, but it will help.

Another challenge completed for Project Quilting. 


There's a new Button for Project Quilting that you can grab it for your blog too. Click on the Button and it will take you to Project Quilting.

I linked up this post for the voting which starts at noon CST Sunday March 23rd -- Click HERE.

Thanks for following along.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Be Inspired to Create by Project Quilting

You know that I think about quilting 24/7.  I see quilts everywhere!  I even dream about quilts. I arrange my food on my plate like a quilt. I see quilts in building designs, in landscapes, and on the streets.  Four years ago, I found out about Project Quilting and it has changed my life in a very very positive way.  I still think about quilts 24/7 but now I create with the inspiration of the challenges.  In the beginning, I struggled with what to create for the challenges.  I was thinking too concrete or literally.  I was stuck in my box of how a quilt should be, but the challenges inspired me to create.  
The challenge that sticks out in my mind is one from a couple years ago.  It was an Off Season Challenge in July of 2011. I created quilted "Floating Lilies".  The link takes you  to a couple post where I share a tutorial on how to make the lilies and a video of me quilting the lilies.

The challenge was FLORA - July 2011.
"The theme of of the third off season challenge is "Flora". Size, Color, method and techniques are the participants choice. However the piece should be a quilt." 

Yesterday the final challenge for the 5th Season of Project Quilting was posted.  If you have thought about taking the challenge before or you just never did one -- this it the time to try it.  Let yourself be inspired by the challenge. It's all about Triangles this time! As Kim says the possibilities are endless! 

It made me think about the Wordless Wednesday Post I did in November 2011 about Triangles quilted on to cardstock for greeting cards. 

But I am not going to make greeting cards, I am going to make something for my Grandbaby.  My first thoughts are something like a bib in triangular shape to absorb the drool, as he is teething.  I may stitch on little triangles like I did on this greeting card using the raw edge applique technique. 

Still thinking.... I am going out today to run some errands ... maybe something else will inspire me.

Yes --- you can use my ideas -- they are for you to help with your inspiration to create.

Take the challenge and create.  Let's set a record of the most entries this week. 

Project Quilting Challenge #6 

Enjoy and be inspired to create!