Saturday, July 22, 2017

Daisies for Grandmama!

I created this 20" X 20" quilt for The van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge 2017.

Statement: Blue is my favorite color! I selected daisies as they symbolize motherhood. All 32 daisies are solid blue and I placed them in a blue vase, set against a texture blue and black background, using my Texture Quilt Pattern. I thread painted/quilted with my longarm quilting machine on raw edge applique pieces to create a painted look similar to Vincent van Gogh's style of painting. The uneven borders are my thing. I like the asymmetrical feel it gives the whole quilt. It's an eye pleasingly unbalanced look for framing it. I shared photos of the process on my blog at

Techniques and Materials: I created with raw edge applique using the thread painting to create the paint texture similar to Vincent van Gogh's paint strokes with my longarm quilting machine.

I was inspired by the daisies in my yard. We have fields of daisies in bloom in June and July every year.

And I was inspired by a number of vases of flowers that Vincent van Gogh painted. I liked this one the best!

Here's how I created my quilt!

I used my Textures Quilt Pattern to create the background fabric for my quilt, but I cut the pieces smaller in scale, as I only needed a piece about 17" X 17".

Textures Quilt Pattern available on in my store.


I entered my quilt in the The van Gogh Cherrywood Challegne 2017

Enjoy your day!


More information:

I used the Textures Quilt Pattern to create this quilt also.
And this quilt.
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quiltingmimi said...

I love this quilt. Thanks so much for sharing your process in detail.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Stunning, Marcia. I love every bit of it.
I love Van Gogh (yes, partial to the dutch people here too)
and you really really created a masterpiece that I think Vincent would be proud to see

Sandy said...

That is just beautiful. I never thought of using felt before, great idea. Thanks for sharing the process, too.

Denise Russell said...

Fantastic quilt and construction photos! I grew up with daisies all around me and your post brought back some amazing memories!