Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Vacation At Home

This week for Project Quilting, we were to be inspired by the word "Vacation".  I decided to base my quilt on a vacation at home.  I remember years ago they used to call them "Stay Vacations".

We live out in the country up in a hill. We are surrounded with beautiful pine trees.  When we look out our windows, we feel like we are on vacation all the time. I decided to make a thread painted quilt of us looking out the window.

If you look close you can see a raccoon in the yard.

I also took a photo out the window of my quilting studio of the deer in our yard.

I used the raw edge applique' method and thread painted on the pieces.  I stitched together, randomly, creams and white prints for the background.

It needed a border. 

I added a couple more trees and silhouettes of us. 

I selected to use 2 layers of batting.  I use Hobbs brand batting on all my quilts.  The top layer is washable wool and the bottom layer is 80/20 batting.  The top layer gives it the fluff and the bottom layer gives it some firmness.

I quilted the background with a cream and white thread.  First with cream and then with white.  I think it makes it look like a snowy hill.

Next I quilted/thread painted the trees with a green thread and then white thread on the trees to appear like snow on them. I quilted with black thread on the brown trunks and black thread on the borders and the silhouettes.

I am pleased with the results. I really enjoyed the challenge this week.

Here's a few up close photos.

I stitched in my name --- Marcia and 2016 on the side.

I flipped it over so you can see the backside.

I will be linking up for Project Quilting over a Persimon Dreams Blog for this week's challenge.

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Enjoy your evening!



Michele said...

Very nice!

Shasta Matova said...

This is great! It looks nice from the back as well a the front. I take a lot of stay-cations too. I find them more relaxing than actual vacations.

gpc said...

What a great project -- so creative of you! I love it! (and your hair looks FABulous, by the way! :)

Maite - vitoma said...

Magnífico trabajo.

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks for the great explanation. I really like how you did the background, it looks woven. Nice view!

Sandy Panagos said...

Wow! That turned out great. I can never come up with an idea. You are such a clever concept artist. Love your work.