Saturday, January 27, 2018

Project Quilting --- Triangles

This week's Quilt Challenge for Project Quilting is Triangular. See the details here:  9.2–Triangulation–Challenge 2 of Project QUILTING Season 9

I am a sponsor of Project Quilting. This week I am awarding a prize of a PDF Downloadable Pattern to each participant!  I call it "Everyone WINS"! 

Here is a link to the prizes and you can find out how to win: Prize List for Challenge 9.2 of Project QUILTING

Winners will be selecting a PDF Downloadable pattern from My PDF Downloadable Pattern Store. If you haven't downloaded my FREE PDF Patterns, hop over and do that now.

I named my set of little quilts --- "Directional Triangles"

Here's how I made my little 4 triangle quilts.
First a little brainstorming and internet searches.

Next a few sketches.

and more...

I decided to look around my quilting studio, as sometimes I get ideas from the quilts, that I have already made. I may want to create one of them again or create a similar quilt. 
This one is fabric stitched onto card stock.

And there were more on my bulletin board.

I selected my fabric --- pink and purple from Cherrywood Hand dyed fabrics and the grey is from Quilts by Barb.

Iron/pressed on Lite Heat and Bond.

I cut the pieces into squares and then into triangles.

I made the background fabric from the scraps of my grey fabric using the construction method from my Textures Quilt Pattern. It's a great way to create texture in an orderly construction method. You can purchase the PDF Downloadable Pattern for only $6.00 on Craftsy.

Next, I figured out where I wanted to divide the background to make 4 quilts using wooden knitting needles, so I could see the sections, before I drew the lines.  I really wanted 3 quilts, but ended up making 4 quilts.

Next, I added the triangles to get an idea, before I drew the lines.

Then I drew the lines to divide the sections in to 4 quilts.

Then, I started peeling off the paper.

Pressed/ironed them in place.

It's ready to quilt!

I selected to use 80/20 Cotton/poly batting on the bottom and washable wool on the top to give the quilt more loft and stability.

I stitched on my drawn lines to make the sections separate.

I Wiggle Line Quilted around the triangles all the way to the edges of the quilt in each section. I Wiggle Line Quilted the triangles on both colors and through the center connecting them together in the line.

Here's the backside.

Trimmed the edges.

Separated the sections.

4 quilts or.....

3 quilts?

Ready for the binding. I thought about a dark grey, but the black looked the best.

I am ready to link up to Persimon Dreams for the Project Quilting Challenge. 

Enjoy your day!



Deb M said...

Loved reading about your process!

Amy said...

I love these! They remind me of kite strings in the wind!

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