Friday, August 27, 2010

First Two Quilted Tote Bags available for purchase with a Credit Card!

ONE of a KIND !!! I make and create a variety of Quilted Tote Bags --All unique -- No two are alike! Not even the same size!

They are a simple quilted tote bag with no pockets or only one pocket. Made just for carrying your craft stuff and reading material around with you, protected by the padding of the batting and fabric. All are freestyle quilted with 100% cotton fabric and 80/20 cotton/poly batting and stitched with colorful threads on the all machine embroidery binding. Very durable and machine washable.

There are two yellow, black, and white quilted tote bags available for purchase at

Great little tote bags for carrying and protecting your small items and craft projects!

More "One of a Kind" quilted tote bags in a variety of sizes will be added soon...... see pictures in the photo gallery.

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