Friday, April 5, 2013

{One little biz} little by design - and a GIVEAWAY!

"Big Bow Dress" by Eggo in the Oven
Headband by RubyKinz Hair Accessories
photo courtesy of Foto Forte - Brooklyn Noel, Model
Today is my last post in my 4-part guest blog series {One little biz} - thank you so much to Marcia for allowing me to hijack her blog and share my experiences with you!  Marcia will be back next week - can't wait to see more of her beautiful quilting!

The final line in the manifesto I shared in my first guestblog post really resonates with me - and seems like the perfect topic for the last post this series. 
"my biz is little by design. little is AWESOME."

The truth is, many most people expect that the goal of every small business owner is to have LOADS of success that grows their company from a little biz to something HUGE.  But that may not be the case...

{little by design}

Over the last few years, I have been given LOTS of advice from fellow small biz owners - both directly from others, and through blog articles / testimonies, etc. that I have come across.  As with anything in life, there are SO many people out there ready to tell you how they think you should do things - or how they have done things.

While I still look up to other small biz owners who have had great success and built a BIG small biz - and am grateful for the things I have learned from them - I have also realized one thing that really tends to be at the base of every decision I make.  My biz is {little by design}.  Personally, I have no desire to become HUGE.  I have experienced GREAT success for my little biz.  By now, Eggo in the Oven could be much bigger than it is.  But that's not my design or intention.

Tiered Peasant Dress by Eggo in the Oven
Photo courtesy of Signature Studios by Lisa

My favorite part of what I do is that I do it.  Each and every item made and sold by Eggo in the Oven is made by me.  This is not just about pride {though I am very proud of the items I make} -this is about the creative process.  I love taking raw materials, and a vision, and creating something.  I love picking out fabrics {from the MASSIVE "fabric store" in my home.... that I replenish quicker than I can sew through it!}

Along the way, many people have suggested that I hire help - someone to help with admin stuff, or sewing, or childcare....... and while I understand that may be the perfect solution for some, I don't want to just be a person who runs a company.  I want to sew.  I enjoy sewing / creating every order (well, most of the time!).  I don't want to spend my time promoting others' work, even if I have a hand in designing it.

Ruffled Bubble Romper by Eggo in the Oven
Photo courtesy of Signature Studios by Lisa

My goal / vision for my company?   {I still giggle when I say / type "my company" because that's just not how I see it!} - to have a creative outlet, an excuse to play with pretty fabric, something that helps me fill my days {because somehow I guess I don't think I have enough on my plate!}, to have measurable and attainable goals.

I don't want to be HUGE.  I definitely don't do this to make big bucks.  I want to enjoy what I do and create items I am proud to say that I made.  So Eggo in the Oven has to stay little.  And that is okay!  Little is AWESOME!

Superkiddo onesie - by Eggo in the Oven
Photo courtesy of Sweet Pea Photography
I have struggled with this for some time, and have gotten to a point where I have WAY too much work for one person.  And I hated.every.second of it.  Looking back, I can see that I was having a hard time because I was losing focus - trying to be what others wanted me / my business to be. 

Pillowcase Dress (shown worn as a top / tunic) by Eggo in the Oven
Custom headband and necklace by RubyKinz Hair Accessories

I have learned that the word "no" is NOT a bad word.  It is a necessary word.  I have learned to take pride in what I create - the quality of workmanship, the attention to detail, the durability.  I have learned to focus less on what others are creating and selling {and the prices they are selling for} - and focus on what I create / sell {and the price I need to charge - based on MY item / time}.  I have learned that there are a variety of customers out there - and I can't {and don't want to} appeal to them all.  My customers appreciate my quality.  They appreciate the time I take to create something unique for them.  They appreciate that I am the one who answers their emails / questions / walk them through the design process.  And I appreciate it too.

Do I still struggle - almost daily - with the vision / direction / pricing / workload / finding a balance?  Yes.  But that is part of the process.

Eggo in the Oven is little by design.  Little is AWESOME.

A recap of my {One little biz} guest blog series:

Rainbow 6pk of fat quarters
Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting

You didn't think I could do a guest blogging series and NOT have at least one giveaway, did you?!
"Squiggle plaid and dots" cotton / minky blanket
measures approximately 34" square
Made by Eggo in the Oven
Enter using the super simple form below!
ONE winner will be drawn - and win a set of rainbow fat quarters from Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting, and a handmade minky / cotton blanket from Eggo in the Oven
prizes pictured above!
Don't sew?  Fabric isn't just for sewing!  Use your rainbow pack for decor, hair accessories, ANYTHING!
Don't have a kiddo?  This blanket would make a GREAT gift!
Winner will be announced Monday, April 8th - here on the blog!

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Stephanie said...

Love the thought you put into each design :)

Stephanie said...
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Joanna said...

I love the Big Bow Dress. It is wonderful.

Joanna said...

I love the Big Bow Dress. It is wonderful.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love that you share your passion. And the models are so cute :-) Thanks!

giddy99 said...

I liked the pics of the quilted bibs! So cute!

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Fiesta said...

Thank you for the chance Kim. The big bow dress is adorable.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh so very cute Marcia...thanks for the giveaway too.

Jeleoz said...

Love you and your designs!!

Eileen Burns-Jin said...

Love eggo in the oven and the mama eggo behind it.

Jeleoz said...

I love you and your designs!

Kristen said...

Love hearing about all the amazing bizes you have been able to work with.

Diann said...

Bibs are darling.

Mary said...

It has been facinating reading about your biz. Good on you for realizing that not everything has to grow so big it takes over the enjoyment. I hope you keep enjoying what you are doing.

Cole2585 said...

Kim you are such an inspiration! I think my favorite thing you shared in this series is that your house/routine look like mine and everyone else that I know. You are such an amazing mom, artist, creative genius, wife, and friend that it is often hard to remember you are just a person like the rest of us who has to find the right balance.

GG said...

Thank you for a chance to win! I love your color combinations. I just became a grandmother of a precious girl! Born March 13th. I like your picture of the laughing baby girl in the basket. I love the outfit, too!
The squiggle plaid & dots looks so comfortable.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Aprendi muito com todos,mas o de hoje me faz pensar nos meus preços....Gostaria destes para fazer vestido para minha neta com uma ninho no próximo dia dezoito de

OhioLori said...

Loved learning about your are a Treasure for sure!!

Love the /tiered Peasant Dress...adorable!!

Elisabetta said...

thank you so much for this lovely giveaway ^_^
I love pheasant dress and bibs as well

Mhairi said...

I think that my favourite has been reading about how business have actually made a difference. The story of flying to the side of the family with the gorgeous girl really made me smile and cry.
Thanks for sharing, this has been a great series.

JoyceLM said...

My favorite was the article on big relationships, showing the importance of family and friends in our accomplishments. Thanks.

barb said...

I love how the finished product is displayed on very cute models. It gives a better understanding of how the finished product should look and fit.

Unknown said...

Great pics showing cute designs. Nancy:

KT said...

I like todays post about keeping it small. I agree and I think your work is fantastic. :)

littlemissmama said...

I love that you know exactly what you want and are making your company what you want it to be!

Farm Quilter said...

Little is perfect! I love what you create - good for you for doing it your way!!!

Laura said...

Glad you are enjoying your family and your business. It is hard to find the balance! I love the big bow dress.

VickiT said...

I've loved reading all your posts but I think your very first one was my favorite. You showed so many cute things you've made and even gave me a few ideas too with those super cute bibs you made. I totally agree that being little is a huge plus at times, especially when raising a family. You can enjoy what you love more when it is a smaller busiess and still make money. Yes, you may not become rich, but rich in heart is sometimes far better than the cash in the bank.

Sammie R. said...

I've always been a BIG fan & I've loved all the custom fishing stuff you've made for Junior the last 2 years! Your blog series has made me realize how much time & dedication it really takes to run a little business.. and you have 2 kids!! You are a teeny bit *crazy* but I love it! Eggo is awesome & this little girl is of course going to have an Eggo wardrobe too. You have loyal fans and we love your little business.

Debbie said...

I love the daring fabric combos Kim uses in her dresses. Especially the polka dots with other prints.

Marcia W. said...

Those little girl dresses are so very cute. I appreciate your taking the time ro post this series.
Congratulations on the approach you are taking for your business. Thanks to you both for the lovely giveaway.