Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hodgepodge Patchwork -- Cell Phone Purses

This Winter for Project Quilting I created a table topper for my dinning room table made from only 2 colors. I made it look like a gum wrapper chain.  I had some extra scraps and I pieced them together. I quilted it at the same time that I quilted the table topper.

I had no idea what I would make with it.  It was too small for a place mat.  It could be used as a rectangular hot pad.

It measured 10 inches wide by 13 inches long. Well, last week I taught a tote bag class in my home. I got out all my quilted pieces.  I needed to demonstrate how I add the binding on the sides.  If I cut it in half.  5 inches by 13 inches long, I could make a cell phone purse or two!

5 inches wide fit nicely around my phone. I wanted a flap on the top of it.  I will share the free instructions for the cell phone purse at the end of this post.  For this purse, I added the flap and velcro. If you sew, I think you can see from the photos, how I bound the flap and attached the velcro. But the free instructions will help you with the binding and the strap.  See this photo for the flap and the strap attachment.

See how the flap securely folds over to hold in the cell phone.

It is easy to open and pull out also.

The back of my cell phone purse.

I made the strap long enough to go over my head and arm for traveling or for just wearing it as a large quilted necklace.

Yes, I made two!

The back sides of the purses.

Free instructions for making a cell phone purse - Click Here.

Post about the Gum Wrapper Table Topper - Click Here. More free instructions.

Post about the Quilted Tote Bag -- Click Here.

Available in a PDF Downloadable Pattern on

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In this post, I share free instructions and on how to turn a small quilt into a quilted tote bag. Lots of photos!

Enjoy your day!


Fiesta said...

I love all your projects Marcia. I am off to check out the gum wrapper tutorial

Tammy said...

Very pretty.

Terry Truesdale said...

Ideas, Ideas!!! Might be my next project for self!! maybe add a slot to inside for money and debit card!!!

Rosa said...