Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Pillowcase Made with Money Fabric

I am not sharing the pattern for making pillowcases, as there are a million out there!  Just Google it.

I stitched french seams.  I love pillowcases with no raw edges on the seams.

It really makes it look nice and neat on the inside.

I did not stitch the line straight for the top stitching on the hem, so I stitched it again and again and again.  Just wiggle lined the top stitching.  Makes for an interesting edge!

I made it for my nephew as part of his graduation gift.

It's folded up and ready to go!

Enjoy your day!



Love Of Quilts said...

Nice gift !

Love Of Quilts said...

Nice gift !

Fiesta said...

It looks good. I hate making pillowcases. The outside edge never comes out right for me

Grammasheri said...

Great pillowcase! I love giving pillowcases to my grandkids and they love receiving them. This is awesome fabric!