Saturday, August 24, 2013

Playing with Tea Dying

What do you do on Saturday morning?

I tea dye and have a cup of coffee. The tea smells fantastic!

One of my fabrics is too bright and crisp. I am tea dying all of them.

This is what I am working on, but the fabrics are clashing, even though they have the same colors. 

I need them to blend together better.

Boiling water and tea bags.

Add more tea - loose hibiscus tea. Jewels --- I did not use all your tea - just some old stuff.

Mix and stir.

Wait at least one hour.


I can't wait for it to dry to see if it worked.  Still too wet!

I am participating in a quilt challenge offered through Quilts by Barb's Quilt Retreat.  This will be the 11th year I have attended and this is the 6th year she has offered the quilt challenges.  Click Here for a link for quilt retreat information.  I think there is still room for more attendees --- just ask and tell her Marcia sent you!

I am using a pattern designed by Linda Halpin.  I am laying it out with a little different arrangement to make a table topper. Click Here for information about Linda and her quilt patterns and designs on her website.

She designed the pattern for the Wisconsin Shop Hop this year.

I also sell the pattern on my website. Click Here to order it. She designed an easy way to make circles!  I love it! I am sure I will make a bright one soon!

I will share my completed quilt using my tea dyed fabrics sometime before November, but this is one of those quilts, I am working on 15 minutes at a time!

What do you do on Saturday mornings?

I tea dye!

I have not forgot about posting my new grand baby with his new quilts --- How about this next week?

And yes, I will post the Starry Sunflower Quilt Block - Free Quilt Block, sometime in September, when I get a few more blocks completed.  It is really a cool quilt block. I love it!

Enjoy your day!


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