Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wisconsin Cotton Candy for Show and Tell Saturday!

I like "Wisconsin Cotton Candy" for name of my little fluffy quilt, but I thought about "Cotton Candy on the Farm" or just "Cotton Candy Blankie".

I had to switch my project this week.  I completed the chevron or zig zag blue and cream quilt top, but the fabric I selected for the back of it was not big enough.  I placed an order for more fabric.  I thought there was a chance it might arrive by Friday or Saturday and I could still quilt and bind it before Sunday at noon, but the fabric did not arrive. I will quilt it next week and share later.

It is ready for a good press, before I quilt it.

I grabbed the scraps and started creating a little fluffy blankie!

This week I was multi-tasking by creating for a customer and doing the challenge at the same time.  My customer ordered a baby quilt in blues and creams.  He also asked if somewhere we could add a cow for Wisconsin. (or something to represent Wisconsin).  I originally thought maybe on the back with a label, but I also knew, I would have scraps to work with to make a taggie quilt to go along with the quilt. So when I did not have a backing for the baby quilt, I decided it was time to create a fluffy quilt for the Sweet Treats Challenge.

Sharing the photos step by step with a few words.

I cut the squares 3" from flannels, cottons, and minkie fabric scraps.  All in soft colors.

I laid them out, but as I stitched it together, I changed them around.

Note that I am not trying to match the seams.  The minkie fabrics stretch and shift too much.

I added poly batting to the taggie quilt this time.  The others had no batting.  I love it with the poly batting. Really adds a nice fluff!

Lots of pins! 

I stitched around the outside edges twice leaving an opening about 5-6 inches in the center of one side.

I topstitched the edge all the way around. At the same time it closed the opening.
I quilted it with straight lines, somewhat following the squares, but I did not line up the squares. You can see on the back where I stitched.

I will add a photo of my Wisconsin Cotton Candy Quilt to the Project Quilting flicker site for the Sweet Treats Project Quilting Challenge.  

Check out the completed projects!

Thanks again for following along!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the little taggy quilts and this is just so sweet with the textured fluffies stuck in.