Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quilted Carry All Grocery Bag for Project Quilting Challenge 5

I have decided that the Project Quilting Challenges really needs to challenge me.  This week I used a vintage Bernina Sewing Machine.  I choose to work with clothing items for the fabric and one fat quarter.  I did not use a rotary cutter or ruler or cutting board.  I used a scissors (not a sewing scissors).  I am not going to explain the whole process, but I will share photos of it.  I was planning to use an old baby blanket for the batting, but decided it did not need batting.

I tore the strips from the shirts and fat quarter. I used the skirt as the base for quilt. The skirt was cut on the bias and really did not lay flat, but I made it work.

I cut the waistband off the skirt and split it in half to make the handles of the bag. Worked perfect as it has several strips of elastic in it.  Soft on your shoulder when full of food.

An inside pocket.

An outside pocket.

I used the hem of the skirt as the top edge of the bag.  Just gathered it and stitched in down.

Brought the bottom edge of the bag up and stitched it down at the seam lines to give the bottom of the bag a base.

Stuffed full of food!

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Val's Creative Life said...

Ingenious! And fun! It came out great!

Debbie Rogowski said...

I love this project!! It dispells what everyone says that you need the correct fabrics and tools to make something properly. You just showed us that we can just go did in the closet or Good Will and get all the supplies we need.
thank you!!

PersimonDreams said...

I'm very impressed!