Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Star Block Progress, Daisies, and "Creative ADHD"!

I worked on my star block transformation for a few minutes this week. I have lots of ideas, but I just can't cut it yet. Thanks for your input of ideas! 
Still brainstorming.
I found myself playing with daisies and food coloring during my free time this week. I find sometimes shifting to another fun thing helps me create --- I call it "Creative ADHD"! Do you do that too?

The daisies are starting to bloom in Wisconsin.  Our driveway is lined with them.  Usually by July 4th they are in full bloom! We love them!

I added blue food coloring to the water. 

OK... back to my Star Block that I want to transform from traditional to modern. It's the Panel Challenge for Project Quilting Off Season.  I had a month to create.... now I have less than a week.

I like this fabric for a border.

But I like the idea of adding a batik fabric too!

I trimmed away the fringes and I still had a little of the border left.

I added the batik first then the floral print.  I like it.

It looks great with the vase of daisies. I still can't decide how to cut it.  ???

 Cool!  24 hours later my daisies are starting to turn blue.

48 hours later.

I picked some more daisies.  I tried yellow food coloring.

Less than 6 hours they started to turn yellow!

24 hours later and they are bright yellow!  I added some more daisies!

Love how they look together!

Ok... back to the Star Block Transformation:
I added heat and bond lite to the back side of the star block.  The heat and bond was not wide enough, so I cut some strips and added those to the sides.

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas for chopping it up!  I still am not sure what I want to do...

More brainstorming!  My best ideas come to me when I am playing, so the daisies in food coloring will help me.

I need to have an idea in the next couple days, as I need to cut and press and quilt and then bind all before Monday June 30th and post it.  This needs to happen during my free time -- Yikes -- it's a busy quilting week!

It is not that I don't have an idea --- I have lots of them, but which one will be the best?  I am looking for the most eye pleasing to me and I want to transform it to a modern look.

As I finished and as I proofread this post, I came up with another idea!  Something I had not thought of before, as my brainstorming was kind of scattered. It helps to make these posts and to be able to visualize the process. I think my "Creative ADHD" is going in the best direction, (this time). 

Idea:  Maybe I need to add daisy fabric!  I will get some out and take some photos.

Thanks for following along!


VickiT said...

You're too funny Marcia. And you sound like me somewhat. When I'm stuck with something I'll start asking my husband or explaining to him the problem and as I'm doing that, it hits me what was needed all along. Sometimes you just need to 'verbalize' things, or write them down in order for it to make sense.

And how awesome is that with the daisies! I had no idea you could do that with those. Now I need to find some daisies and some purple food coloring. :)

Farm Quilter said...

LOL Vicki wants purple and I'm thinking bright pink for my daughter's wedding in August!! Love your quilt so far...yellow and blue is a fabulous combination - love your daisies with it! Can't wait to see what you do with this...are you making a shattered star? Now I have another quilt I want to make!!! I can just see your beautiful blue star shattered with yellow, like a super nova!!!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Rosemary B here:
Marcia ADHD is my life every day! Seriously.
Adding the batik to the side is beautiful. I love it.
My daisies are not out yet!! I am in Virginia. I love this coloring idea.
I would try this, but .... I have an orange cornish rex kitty that is... okay, i can do this outside on my front porch!!
I have this sneaky weird feeling, every time I see this block, that I have that upstairs in my "stock room" .... somewhere.
I am so excited to see what you come up with on Monday. I know it will be beautiful! You inspire me!