Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Larger Version of the Quilted Tissue Holder

I made a larger version of the Quilted Tissue Holder to hold baby wipes or hand wipes for keeping in my travel bag.

You could keep it in the car too.

Or just to make it look pretty for in the bathroom.

When closed you can't even tell what is in it. 

I love the quilted look!

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The pattern is Quilted Tissue Holder --- I just made it larger to fit the Wet Wipes Package.

The Quilted Tissue Holder is not just for tissues!

Yes that is my old cell phone --- I need to make a larger one for my smart phone. 

Keep little things all in one place in your purse.

I am sure you can think of other items that you could tuck in there for save keeping in your purse or travel bag.

I made two of the larger version and gave one to my daughter to keep the wet wipes in the car. 

Next, I am making one for my smart phone, to protect it in my purse when traveling. I might even make one for my passport. I think that would be perfect. If I do, I would add a little velcro to hold it closed.

Any other ideas?  How would you use the larger holder?

Enjoy your day!



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Anonymous said...

Marcia, your handy-dandy pouch is great! I like the two-color quilting and its trim appearance. You spark my imagination for uses...