Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Creating the July Project Quilting Challenge

I cut strips last night - black strips and blue strips.

I laid it out in a half log cabin pattern with the black strips between each strip.

The black strips should make the blue fabrics pop!

I used a old white chenille bedspread as my design wall, last night on my dining room table. I usually use the bedspread as a backdrop for my photos. It was perfect for laying out this 20 Inch quilt.

I love it! I am not sure it is 20 inches Square yet ... I might need to add a row.

I started sewing tonight!  I took a break to post this and hope to sew a little more tonight.  Remember, I make my Project Quilting Challenges in short time slots. Twenty minutes last night and twenty minutes so far tonight... hope to sew for another twenty minutes after I finish this post.

After I finish sewing, I will brainstorm for a couple days about the quilting. I have an idea, but I need to think about it a little more...

Instead of moving my temporary design wall, I set up my old sewing machine on the dining room table.  It's a beautiful summer night in Wisconsin. Only in the 70's!  I love it when it is not hot!

I will share again after I quilt it or while I am quilting it!

Check out all the details about the Quilt Challenges over at Persimon Dreams - Project Quilting.

Thanks for following along!


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