Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Create a Scattered Checkered Pattern

Using a Fat Quarter Fabric Set I created a simple table runner and table topper with a scattered pattern.

I created a scattered checkered pattern using a simple method to scatter the squares.

Choose a printed fabric and 3 Quilter's Blenders fat quarters.

Orange, Yellow, and Blue (Fat Quarters) and Hot Peppers Print 29" X 19".  This Fabric Set is available by email - While Supplies last.  
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Let's get started:

Press the fat quarters and the print.
Lay them on top of each other and cut the strips all at once.  Cut the strips 3 inches wide.  You should be able to get six 3 inch strips across the 18 inch side of the fat quarter.  Then length of the strips will be 21 inches long. If your fat quarters are not 18 inches -- then make your strips just a little less than 3 inches -- like 2 7/8" or even 2 3/4"  --- just as long as you make them all the same width and later when you make the cross cut you need to make it 2 7/8" instead of 3".

Randomly sew the strips together --- do not make a pattern or sew them in any order. First in sets of 2 and then 4 and then 6 and then 8.  

Press the strips and then you are ready to cross cut the strips at 3" wide or 2 7/8".  

Randomly sew the strips together --- sometimes I even lay them out and flip them around to see how it looks before I sew.  You may have to stagger them or even take a square off on the end to make them line up.  It is OK to have two colors together, but it it bothers you move them around.

Remember the print was larger than a fat quarter.  You could use two prints and you could use more than three quilter's blenders.  More colors - more scattered!

Another fun project that is simple and easy to make!

You could add borders to the runner and the topper to make them larger.

Remember to take time to play!


Lida said...

Nice idea, have got some lovely fabric as a present, maybe I can use that! Greetings

Barb H said...

Thanks for sharing a great idea. I have just the fabric calling to me from my stash. :)

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Love this! What a great way to destash!