Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - The Spool Block

Do you have several quilt projects going at a time?

How do you stay organized?

I work on Project Quilting Challenges every other week and the opposite week, I am working on the My Favorite Block Quilt Along.  I am working on another baby quilt for my daughter.  I am sewing strips and squares for the Trip Along too. I am working on my Red and Black and White Donation Quilt too.

I like to keep my projects in containers.  I started doing this years ago, because that way I could get it out and work on it and then put it away for a while.  I also could take the container with me to the River when we go camping.  I do quite a bit of sewing at our camper, so having projects ready and all in one or two containers makes it easy to grab and go!

When I finished my taxes late this afternoon, I opened up the container of my blues and yellows for My Favorite Block Quilt Along.  Kim shared the new block this morning - The Spool Block - Block 9. I printed the instructions this morning, three hole punched it, and added it to my binder.

I keep my smaller scraps of fabrics, strips, and squares in this three drawer container.  They are easy to find and it keeps them ready to use.

If you look closely you will see in the second drawer the extra strips from the Leaf Block.  I was able to use the strips for my smaller block. I cut the strips set at an angle.

It was perfect for the 6 1/2 inch spool block, because the center square was  3 1/2 by 3 1/2.

I grabbed more strips and made a larger block.

Oh I love all the deep blues...

Turned out pretty cool!

I used two background fabrics. I want to keep all the blocks scrappy.

Two more blocks completed!  I am glad I found time to sew and play!

I added them to the pizza box.  It is a new clean pizza box. Perfect to keep them nice and flat.

I stacked the containers.

and put them under my sewing table.

I am not sewing at the dining room table anymore.  This short church table works out perfect.  It is over in the corner of our living room. I still have a nice view.  Today I watched it snow!

Hope you are finding time to sew - to play!

Hop over and check out Block #9 - the Spool Block at Persimon Dreams Blog.


Maria said...

Just love your Spools.. Done in my favorite colours...

Fiesta said...

I just love your creative process.