Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Scraps - A Baby Quilt Made from Scraps and Applique Blocks

I used the scraps from the baby quilt that I made for my Mom to give to the "Baby to Be".  Here are the posts about that quilt --- Grandma's Star is Born.

I added the scraps from the quilt, I made for my daughter for the first months of her pregnancy, to comfort her with a quilt and hug from her Mom.  I haven't shared that quilt yet, but I will share it soon.  It is on my list.

I also used the scraps from the  baby quilt  that I am making from us for the "Baby to Be".

I cut everything into 1 1/2 inch strips and squares. I want it be totally scrappy. I made strips sets. Some of the sets with only 2 strips and some with 3 and some with 4 and couple of short sets of 5.

I added my blocks to the applique blocks I ordered from Marsye's Quilt Blocks.  She makes the coolest applique blocks and designs.

I did not sew them together yet.  I will do that later, but I couldn't wait to post about them. I'll share again, after I quilt it!

I ordered the applique blocks pre made from Marsye's Quilt Blocks.  They are already ironed on to the blocks.

 I requested an assortment of different cream backgrounds and light/soft colors to go with my vintage look fabrics.  I love them!

Here are the links to Marsye's Quilt Blocks






I am ordering more applique blocks to make a girl baby quilt next.  I love them.  

If you hop over and buy any, please tell her Marcia sent you!

You know I always share stuff I love!  I love her blocks!



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Way too cute!! I really love the applique one

Fiesta said...

I love it! Right ip my alley

Dora, the Quilter said...

Ah, true postage stamp size. I admire your diligence!

Maite - vitoma said...

Excelentes trabajos.