Friday, March 1, 2013

Why am I doing the Quilt Along?

 Do you know how it is, when you read a description about something and you make an assumption of what you think it is?  Well, when I first read the description for the My Favorite Block Quilt Along, I assumed it would be traditional blocks. I don't even remember if it even said that, but that is what I thought. I just assumed it was.

Last year, I did some of the blocks for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along.  I recently stitched them together to make a lap quilt. They were all house or tree blocks. Many were easy and free form blocks.  I loved it.

And that is what I really like - free form blocks - for example my Denim Block.  It is a fun and very simple block to construct.
I love the look of Scattered Checkered Quilts,

and of the Summer Tomatoes Quilt Blocks.

I used my denim block to create the all the Scrappy Quilts.

The free form blocks in my Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern look different every time you make it. 

Then there was the Zig Zag Block that can be arranged in all sorts of ways.

Because I love to create these free from blocks,  I thought doing a couple traditional blocks during the off week of Project Quilting, would be a good idea for me.  A good challenge for me.

Block one was a Wonky Log Cabin.  I thought, cool, this is fun.  It's a free from block!
Link to my post about this block
Block two was the Road to Oklahoma Block.  I really liked this one.
Link to my post about this block
Some of the blocks, I really loved and I got carried away and made several blocks. This one is called the Scrappy Churn Dash Block.  The center one on the top turned out to be a wonky one!
Link to my post about these blocks
Next I made the Reflections Block - block number 4. I made it in the 12 1/2 inch block and the 6 1/2 inch block.
Link to my post about this block
Kim shared the Owl Block for the 5th block. I have to be honest.  This one was not my favorite one, but it is really cute! It was also easy to make.
Link to my post about this block
Of course for Valentine's Day, they shared a Heart Block. I had fun with this block and decided to throw in purple with my blues and yellows.
Link to my post about this block
This week on Tuesday, Kim shared a Leaf Block. They shared instructions for the reverse applique.  A good quilting technique to learn.

Link to my post about this block
Today they shared a Wonky Star.  I love this block.  It was fun to make! 
This is the post about my Wonky Star ---- so I will add a few more photos  here.....

 I loved stitching the star points!

Look at those uneven points! 

 I only made two Wonky Star Blocks, but I am sure I will make a couple more.

So in conclusion, I am enjoying the Quilt Along Blocks, even though they really aren't traditional, which no one ever said they would be, but for some reason I thought they would be. I am very happy, they aren't all traditional.  They are fun and easy to construct and I like that part too.  Also most of the blocks are open to your own creative interpretations.  I like that part too!

I don't have a design wall, but I have a queen size guest bed and that works perfect for me.

I rearrange them a bit different every time, I lay them out.  I like the contrast of the darks and lights. I think I need to add more medium blues and a few more yellows. What do you think?  I love your suggestions!

I edited the photo and made it a black and white photo.  You can really see the contrasts now.

There are a total of 20 blocks. We are not quite halfway.

I am sponsoring this Quilt Along with two $50.00 Quilting Gift Certificates.  Once you finish your quilt top, you will probably want it quilted.  If you finish your quilt top by Saturday,  May 25th and post is on the flicker site, you will be entered in the Giveaway to win one of the two $50.00 Gift Certificates from me!

It is never too late to start!  Join the fun!

Enjoy your day!


Fiesta said...

This is so interesting Marcia. Do I. Make any blocks or are there specific ones? I love the use of only 2 or 3 colors.

beaquilter said...

marcia, the owl block was mine:) no offense, i know it doesnt go with the rest, just sub something else?

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I don't normally leave a comment on my own posts, because I reply personally to each comment, but I wanted to share my replies today, since you all may be interested in my answers to Fiesta and Beaquilter.


Every two weeks Kim at Persimons Dreams shares two new blocks (Tuesday and Thursday of that week) that other bloggers have wrote the instructions for their quilt block and you make those blocks that week. We are at number 8 as of Thursday and then you get a week break while Project Quilting is on. So in two weeks we get two more blocks. There will be twenty blocks. You can make some of them or all of them. They are all offered in 6 1/2 inch AND 12 1/2 inch blocks. If you want to enter to win one of the two $50.00 gift certificates you must complete a full quilt top and upload it to the flicker site by Saturday May 25th.

For much more information ---- Hop over to Kim's and check it out. Plus for each block I have shared the links to Kim's for each block and on my posts I share the links too.

And you can use any colors you want --- it is your quilt!

Thanks for asking! Join the fun!
Enjoy your day!



No --- I am not subbing it!

I just don't like owls, ( I think it is the beadie eyes -- we live in the country and I see them and hear them alot), but I really enjoyed making it! Good instructions! I didn't think it fit at first, but now I really like it! Thanks for sharing that is was yours. I also like that it is not a traditional block! This is really a fun Quilt Along!

Thanks for sharing a block!

Enjoy your day!


I think you may have had the same questions. Hope that helps! I love your comments! Thanks all of you!

FiberofAll Sorts said...

I love how your quilt is coming along! Amazing colors and love the B&W photo.

Thanks for making the Wonky star!

Linda said...

All of your work is beautiful ...I can't wait to see the finished project. I think that the wonky star might be my favorite!

Linda said...

All of your work is beautiful ...I can't wait to see the finished project. I think that the wonky star might be my favorite!

Kim Lapacek said...

Love how you broke it down! I am showing my block next week... still have to make the tutorial! Oops!

Also - checking to see if I'm still a no-reply blogger? I tried to fix it the other day...

Carla said...

Love the little house lap quilt. Marcia Marcia LOL Beadie eyes. Isn't it funny how things affect people.
The little owl is cute and fits right in with the quilt.
Y'all all sew creative and productive unlike myself. One day when I grow I might be more like y'all. ;o)