Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting Up Close With My Quilting - Double Loopy Loop Quilting

What is Double Loopy Loop Quilting? 

I quilt it with loopy quilting meaning a line or chain of whimsical loops and then I quilt it again over the first loops.

I changed thread colors with each row.  I quilted three different sizes of loopy loops - small, medium, and large. 

In the grey and white sections of the quilt I quilted the loopy loops scattered - not really in a chain and in various sizes. It is more relaxed or whimsical then the loops in row.  I quilted with a white thread on the white and pearly grey on the grey sections. It gave it a very nice texture.

Here's a full view of the quilt.

And some up close photos. You can see all the sizes of the loops in this photo.

I flipped the back over so you can see both sides.

A couple more up close photos.

This is a customer's quilt.  She made it for a quilt challenge for Quilts by Barb's Quilt Challenge. It's called "The yard that keeps on going" Quilt Challenge.  We were creating with grey hand dyed fabric this year. 

The pattern is called "Good Vibrations." It's from the quilt magazine "Quilts and More." She does not know the magazine date, but it's designed by Kari Vojtechovsky. 

We selected 80/20 Hobbs Quilt Batting.

10 quilting threads - see the first photo.

It measures 51" X 51".

My customer will be binding it with the hand dyed grey fabric.  It will finish it off perfectly.

We selected a busy back from the extra wide backing fabrics.  It is a white with grey triangles. Worked perfect!

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