Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Blue Lily for Project Quilting

I researched images of the Carolina Lily and drew this rough sketch of a Lily.  We are to be inspired by the Carolina Lily. Hop over to Persimmons Dreams for all the information about this weeks challenge. Here is the direct Link to the Challenge.

I selected three hand dyed blues from my small collection of Cherrywood Fabrics to create my Blue Lily and a light blue hand dyed fabric. Blue, of course! Last year, I bought a grab bag of their fabrics, so I would have a little assortment.

This Lite Blue piece of fabric is hand dyed by Dye Candy Fabrics.

Using the sketch, I traced the sections on the lily onto lite heat and bond to create the raw edge applique pieces.

Next, I ironed it onto the fabrics.

Next, I carefully cut out the pieces.

I positioned each piece on the light blue fabric and ironed it in place.

Note:  I could have flipped my flower over before tracing the pieces, but I knew it would be reversed, if I left it right side up. If you want something a certain direction you have to flip it over before tracing with the heat and bond. See photo. I like it on the left side better anyway!

Using the leftover scraps from the blue fabrics, I created a pieced border.

I selected another hand dyed blue fabric for the backing. This piece of fabric was hand dyed by Dye Candy Fabrics.

My quilt top is ready for thread painting and quilting. Hopefully, that will happen on Saturday!

Thanks for following along....


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