Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blue Harmony

My Lily had to be blue!

Why?  because I love the color BLUE! I am kind of obsessed about the color blue. When I see it it makes me feel happy!

I have blue eyes - technically "Sheet Metal Blue" eyes.  I have yards and yards of blue fabric. I have several blue quilts. I have blue dishes, blue glasses and blue serving pieces. I wear mostly black clothes with a few blue clothing items, of course that includes blue jeans. I love denim.

This is from Wikipedia as part of the definition of the color BLUE:

Surveys in the US and Europe show that blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, the imagination, cold, and sometimes with sadness. In US and European public opinion polls it is the most popular colour, chosen by almost half of both men and women as their favourite colour.

Blue is harmony to me! 
I am going to title my quilt "Blue Harmony".

See my previous post as to how I made my blue lily using the raw edge applique method.

I tried to stop and take a photo on each step as I thread painted my Lily.

First, I selected the thread. I used 2 layers of batting - 80/20 cotton/poly and washable wool as the top layer.

I thread painted/quilted with the navy thread first for the borders and the stem and stamens and the pistil of the lily.

I thread painted the dots on the petals with the navy too.

I thread painted/quilted with petals next with a couple blue threads.

Next, I quilted the background with tiny pebble quilting with a very lite blue thread.

The quilting and thread painting completed.

I trimmed it and bound it with a solid black binding.
It measures 12" by 14".
I create in Southwestern Wisconsin, Boscobel, Wisconsin.

Here's a few more up close photos.

I love the backside too.

I always quilt Marcia and the year in the corner of my own quilts.

It is ready to share over at Persimmons Dreams for Project Quilting. Hop over and check out all the beautilful Lilies created this week for Project Quilting.

Thanks for following along! 

On most of my blog posts, I share how I created something.  I would like to invite you to check out some of Project Quilting projects from the past.  You will find the links on the right side bar. If you are on a phone, you can change the view from mobile to web version and you can see the links on the side bar.



Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I love this! I need to study your quilting and thread painting for inspiration. Blue is my favorite color, too. :)

Rosa said...

Wow,it´s just fantastic!

Vera said...

Looks pretty good in blue :) I like your quilting on it!

Trish Frankland said...

I love how realistic it looks - even though it's BLUE! :)

Barbara said...

Who would have thought a blue lily would be so beautiful? love it

Sharon said...

Beautiful! And what a lovely surprise on the backside! I like that just as much!

PersimonDreams said...

This is stunning! I love your blue lily! The back is just as gorgeous as the front!!!!

Donna in NH said...

This is gorgeous! I love the colors and the texture.