Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday Featuring Sunday's Scraps!

The Scrappy Squares Place Mat is available as a PDF Downloadable at Craftsy.com in my Craftsy Pattern Store for only $1.00.  Click HERE for the direct link to my Store.

There were three leftover pieces from the Rainbow Quilt from last week.

I love to create using my scraps.

Here are my three scraps.  One seven inch square and two 3 3/4 inch squares.

I went through some of my colorful fat quarters.

I was looking for the right print.

I chose this print. It wasn't even a full fat quarter, but it will be larger enough to make a place mat.

I pressed/ironed the pieces and the print fabric.

I cut the Heat n Bond Lite a little smaller than the pieces.

I pressed/ironed the Heat n Bond to the back of the squares. Then I rotary trimmed the edges.

I cut the squares into random sizes of squares and rectangles. No exact sizes.

I peeled the papers off the backs.

 I scattered them around on the print fabric.

I layered them in a row to see how that would look.

I decided there were scraps from the print fabric I could use too!

I pressed/iron Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the scraps of the print fabric.

Rotary trimmed it and cut it into randomly sized squares.

Scattered them on the fabric.

Finally decided to layer the prints on the solids with a bit of an offset look.

Pressed/ironed them in place.

I left a few just solid.

I like it!

I chose the green dot print for the back of it.

I chose an 80/20 batting.

Pinned it.

Green thread or multi colored thread?  I selected the green thread.

Yes --- I am quilting it on my regular sewing machine!

I selected an embroidery stitch -- a stretch stitch.

I started in the corners of the squares, close to the edges.  That way, I could angle up and not have to start and stop quite as much.

I like how the back looks too!

I stitched around the edge.

My plan it to leave it with the raw edges, but it certainly could have binding.

A close up of the corner --- see how the batting is shorter for the raw edge effect.

One completed place mat made from scraps!

Looks great with my corning ware and blue cup....

and an old bowl too.

I love it with the appetizer plate!

Do you remember these other two projects?

The one on the left, I called Mix and Match.  I made from scraps too.

The one on the right is from Project Quilting -- Quilts Built by Imagination.

All were created in a very similar way.

Enjoy your day!


Lorna McMahon said...

That is one sweet little place mat, Marcia! Looks like you had a fun day... Thanks for sharing all those great photos, too!

Barbara Stanbro said...

What a cute project!

Fiesta said...

I love this Marcia. I like how you quilted and stitched it down all at the same time

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a great idea. I love using my scraps too. I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

JudyC said...

Hi, Great Idea!!!

I am thinking Mug Rug!!

JudyC said...

Hi, Great Idea!!!

I am thinking Mug Rug!!

Shannon said...

Oh that is so cute. What a fun idea. You could even do this with kids and have them plan their own place mat. What fun. Thank you for sharing.