Monday, August 4, 2014

Pets on Quilts 2014!

Pets on Quilts started on August 1st and runs for 10 days for entering and then on the 12th the voting starts!

Category #1 Dog on Quilt

You still have time to share a post featuring your pet on a quilt or your quilt that features a pet.  See all of the information at Lily Pad Quilting.

I did not even have to set up this "photo shoot".  I came out of the shower and Toby had hopped up on my bed. It is perfect for the Pets on Quilts Show!

I made this quilt top in 2002 and it was one of the first quilts I quilted on my long arm machine in 2003.  I made it for my in laws, but we have it on our bed, as they have both passed away.  I love all the blue prints, but I do not like the quilting.  I left too many "un quilted" spaces.  I do not like the way the fabric just hangs there. I keep it on my bed as it was one of the first quilts I personally quilted for family.

I only quilted a few quilts, (way back in the beginning) loosely quilted, like this one.  I was just learning how to quilt!

I like the heart as it is filled with the free style loops and lazy daisies, but there should have been some background quilting like a meandering around the heart. Remember, I was new to long arm quilting back in 2003. 

When quilts have blank spaces the fabric hangs and gaps up.  I learned fast after I quilted this quilt.  I would never leave blank spaces when quilting again.

Sometimes, I think I should roll this quilt on my quilting machine and fill in the spaces, but then I remind myself that it is good to look back and see where I started and how far I have come in 11 years!  WOW!  

If you want to see posts where I share "Up Close" photos of my Free Style Quilting click here or any of the specific links in my sidebar of this blog.

I wrapped up Toby in the quilt for a cuddled up photo. I love that the morning sun was streaming in the window on our sweet little Toby.

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Update: This Giveaway ended at Midnight on the 11th. Winners announced on the 13th.

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My Pets on Quilt Giveaway here closes at Midnight on August 11, 2014.

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I love the Pets on Quilt Show!

Thanks Lily Pad Quilts for hosting!
Pets on Quilts 2014



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This was my favorite past photo of Gabby and Toby all wrapped up for the Pets on Quilt Show from 2012.


Melissa said...

That last photo of him all bundled up is priceless!

I have checked out all of the entries so far in the Pets on Quilts show - but besides my own (which I'm guessing I cannot chose), I can not pick a favorite! Each one makes me so happy to see. Just love all of the critters!

I do have to say though, that I thought the nose on 23. Can I come out to play? was real, until I clicked on it & saw it was actually a quilt! Pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

I have checked out all of the entries so far and like them all. My favorites are the ones with stories from the pet's point of view, like #10.

sew.darn.quilt said...

I've visited everyone so far and look forward to late entries as well. Talk about another awesome Pets on Quilts Show!!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous - really like that last photo of Toby!

Loris said...

What a sweet face Toby has :-)
He looks beautiful on your quilt. thank you for the giveaway!

Belinda said...

So sweet! And of course, your quilt is stunning as always!

Debra said...

Toby is adorable! He looks perfectly comfortable on his bed... oh, that's your bed???? LOL

Gail in Vegas said...

Toby is one cute sweetie!

Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Toby is so darn cute and your quilt is beautiful! There is some great stories that go with all these wonderful pets!

Dana Gaffney said...

Toby is adorable, I love the picture of him wrapped in the quilt, although he looks like he's saying "mom, let me sleep".

tink's mom said...

love the snuggled up picture. He is a sweetheart.

Helen in the UK said...

Toby looks very comfortable on the quilt. It is good to look back and see our progress as quilters. Despite your dissatisfaction with the quilting, the quilt has stood the test of time despite being used regularly :)

Sandra said...

He looks quite cozy on and in the quilt.

I am in the process of checking out all of the entries. Can't pick a favorite yet though.

Missy Shay said...

Toby is adorable!

Susie said...

Love the pictures and the quilt, Toby looks very at home on it. I am playing catch up today and visiting all the entries,late I know!!! Hugs, Susie x

Debby said...

Gabby and Toby together are perfect.