Thursday, May 7, 2015

A May for Me Guest Post!

Hi everyone!  This is Kim Lapacek, artist and dreamer over at  I’m so excited to be sharing my story with you on Marcia’s blog today.

My story is that I love to create and I always have.  I’ve been at it since I was a little kid.  I sewed my very first quilt by hand when I was just 5 years old.  I took the rags out of my mom’s rag bin and sewed them all together for my brother for his birthday – it even included the furry toilet seat cover!!! 

When I was in college I met my future husband and we went to dinner at his mother’s house.  I looked around and could see she was crafty like me and I thought to myself, “This woman is going to like me.”  And it’s true!  We’ve gotten along from Day 1.  My mother-in-law, Diane Lapacek, is an amazing quilter and teacher.  I started my quilting lessons on Tuesday nights.  Diane would give me a lesson AND make us dinner!  (and to a college kid – a real, homemade dinner is pretty much the best thing ever!).  It wasn’t long before I was hooked.

And now it’s 11 years later and I’m still a quilting fool!  I have to admit that the majority of my sewing and quilting is for me.  I don’t really take much commission at this time because I have three young girls – Mercedi, 8, Capri, 7 and Pip, 4 – that take up my life (in a good way).  So – when I do get to sew and quilt – I want to be making something that I’m dreaming up!

My biggest event of the year is Project QUILTING.  Project QUILTING is a challenge I run on my blog.

A typical season of Project QUILTING goes from January through March each year.  A challenge goes up on a Sunday and you have ONE week to make and finish a quilt that fits that challenge!  Since Project QUILTING began in 2010 – 1,163 quilts have been started and finished during the week of a challenge!  AND I've gotten to talk with Nancy Zieman about Project Quilting on 'Sewing with Nancy'!

This year I’m running a special ‘Off Season Challenge’ – Focus Through the Prism.  It just started this month and there’s still time for you to join in the fun – just head over to here - to find out more about the challenge! If the week deadline I talk about above scared you - don't worry, you get a month to start and finish your quilts! 



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You can leave a comment here and I will share them with Kim. Or you can hop over to Persimon Dreams and leave a comment there.  Kim continues to inspire me and many others!

Thanks Kim for sharing!

There will be more Guest Posts this month.  If you would like to guest post send me an email and you can share too!

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EmmaTM said...

What a nice post, Marcia and Kim! Love the family photo!! You're a talented quilter, Kim, and a fabulous hostess...thank you for everything you do for other quilters!