Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not just a Long Arm Quilter --- I Sew too!

I made this cute little baby blanket from my quilting fabric and just added flannel fabric to the back side.  That's a "recipe" for a great baby blanket. I have several customers who don't sew --- I sew for them!

Here's how I made the baby blanket: 
I cut 2 pieces of fabric approximately 26" X 39". Just need to make a rectangular size. I pressed/ironed both pieces, so they were nice and flat.  Placed them with right sides (pretty sides) together and then lined up the edges and stitched with a seam allowance of 3/8" on all 4 sides leaving an opening about 4" to 5" in the middle of one side. Note:  If your fabric is shifting as you sew -- use pins!  I clipped the corners. That makes less bulk, when I turned it inside out.  I turned it inside out and carefully poked out each corner from the inside.  Pressed/ironed it again.  Then I top stitched with a coordinating thread color. As I top stitched, I made sure I pressed in the edges at the turning opening and stitched it closed.

Sorry no photo so the process, but here are photos of the completed baby blanket from different angles.

I used some of the fabric to make baby burp cloths to match the baby blanket.

Then I decided I needed more!

They look great all together! Another happy customer.

Link to the free instructions on how to make the baby burp cloths. Click here.

Yes I do sew and quilt!

Enjoy your day!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think these are wonderful - and I am happy to see that you are getting sewing time into your schedule.

nancy b. said...

What beautiful colors! This brought back memories of all the baby blankets I watched my mom make MANY many years ago just like this, only she made them a yard square. Some were a single thickness of flannel, some flannel on both sides and some made of the cotton/flannel combo as yours, but they were always square, which made for easy swaddling. When I started making them it was fun to use the fancy stitches on my machine on the hemmed edge, probably the only time I used them! Thanks for the clear directions and lovely photos, too.