Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Up Close to My Quilting --- Two Color Ribbon Quilting with Tropical Flowers

I have found that I need more information for you - my readers. I am starting to gather more information, before I share my posts about "Getting Up Close with My Quilting".

For example: 
The quilt pattern and where you can get it.   
Did my customer redesign the original pattern for their quilt. 
Or did my customer create the quilt pattern.
If the fabric is unusual, I may need to gather that information too.
If it is vintage, how old is it?
and the list goes on....

Today's quilt was inspired by a quilt my customer saw that Tula Pink designed. She made it fit the fabrics she had gathered from over the years.

I emailed my customer for more information as this is a really COOL quilt design and I knew I would have lots of questions. 

My Customer replied: 
"The quilt was made up from orphaned fabrics that just seemed to go with a little triangle head scarf my mother bought me while I visited the Key West print block fabric shop when I was in second grade.  I must have been bothering her for another, so she swooped up the orange print from a scrap bin.  Thus the inspiration.  The design of the quilt is a rendition of one Tula Pink had done.  
I just love the colors!"

My customer is talking about the two larger pieces of fabric in the center.  This will make a wonderful memory quilt from her trip with her Mother.  She added the label from the scarf to the quilt.

To add some interest to the backside of the quilt, she added a center stripe. Personally, I love pieced backs.  It gives you a cool flip side of the quilt.

Tula Pink's quilter uses a double batting.  It makes the quilting really stand out. My customer asked me to use a double batting for her quilt.  I have tried a couple different combinations and have found that an 80/20 batting on the bottom and a poly on the top works the best.

I used three thread colors for the quilting.  Yellow and a Lite Orange for the Two Color Ribbon Quilting and the Tropical Flowers. And a Bright Green for the border and for quilting on the large green ric rac.

This is getting really close to my quilting!

I also offer a service to my quilting customers of an all machine embroidery stitched binding.  My customer selected a green fabric for the binding.

She stitched (basted) her ric rac on with a lite colored thread, which she will pull out now that the quilting is completed.

The green binding looks great with the green ric rac!

I selected a zig zag embroidery stitching for this quilt, as it echos the ric rac design.

When my customer received her quilt, it is was all complete and ready to use.  She will be hanging it on the wall in her quilting room, where she can enjoy it's beauty and memory everyday.



Farm Quilter said...

Thanks for all the details on this quilt. As a quilter, I always appreciate close-up pictures of quilting!!!

Karen M said...

Just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all of these details. Your blog is always so educational.

Michele said...

I love seeing the close up pictures and how the 2 colors worked. Really great.