Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Project Quilting String Creation in Progress

Overnight, I came up with some more ideas, so I cut more fabric strips this morning and added in a few more yellow prints.

At lunchtime, I stitched them together.  I had drawn out a sketch and I was thinking I would make the blocks into leaves.

I made a plastic template and cut the squares into a big leaf shape. 

I ironed light Heat 'n Bond on the back of the blocks.

And I traced around the template and cut them out.

They are kind of chunkie big leaves.

When I was done quilting, late this afternoon, I stitched some more and started cutting and laying out the pieces.

I changed the plan again.  I stitched so many strips sets at and I am not liking the leaves. I decided to make a plastic template and cut out some sections for a Dresden Plate Block.

I wanted the sections to look really scrappy so I moved the template around on the strip set to get different variations.

I needed 21 sections.
Here is how I stitched the sections.

This is not really a tutorial on the Dresden Plate Blocks --- just showing you what I did.

I pressed the points and then I stitched them together and pressed both sides of the Dresden Plate Block.

I love it!

I had decided to place the Dresden Plate Block in the center and scatter the leaves around it.

They look too big!  Then I laid it out on a yellow print fabric.

I still don't like it. Then I split them in half.

I tried a couple different layouts.

I still did not like it.  They were too free form with the Dresden Plate Block in the center.

 I really wanted something to scatter around the block.  I already had put all the work into the strips for the leaves.  How can I use them?  I decided to cut them into small sections of the Dresden Plate.

I laid them out around the center block.  I like it.  But I don't love it.  I want it to look unique, but not traditional.

I guess I will have to sleep on it!

I thought I would like the plain muslin behind the blocks but I am thinking I might like a yellow print fabric or maybe strips of yellow fabrics.  (More stitching on my lunch break tomorrow).

 Any ideas or suggestions?

I know my completed quilt will be a 29" square, because I am making it for daughter's square table.  I want it to fit perfectly on the top.

I hope you are enjoying following along. I made several of changes all in one day. I need to quilt it soon. Hopefully, Friday night. On Saturday, I will stitch the binding and take photos and upload them to flicker for Project Quilting.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like just the dresden - no extras. On the muslin - guess that's my traditional side showing.

Good Golly Ginger said...

I love the stripy dresden! Would circles look good at the end of alternating dresden points? I'm thinking that stripy circles would give the traditional dresden a more modern look.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Looking good so far. I'm a big fan of Dresden Plates and love the scrappy look.

When you cut the leaves in half they looked like birds to me but I agree that they just didn't fit right with the plate.

What about squigglies around the plate? Kind of like S's but stretched out.

Lori said...

Maybe use the small units as an "echo" to the larger Dresden. Sort of a starburst effect.

sewyouquilt2 said...

I like the dresdan on the yellow background too. I would also think about taking those smaller leaf parts and maybe making a design in the corners with it? if not, then just use them on the back. a two for
LOL looking good. I am a dresdan gal myself

nancy b. said...

I was going to say small. Heart with the Dresden, which I love, too...then saw Ginger's suggestion of circles. I like that!

nancy b. said...

I was going to say small hearts with the Dresden, which I love, too...then saw Ginger's suggestion of circles. I like that!

Farm Quilter said...

I like the idea of using the smaller units in a star burst effect or you could use them as 1/4 Dresdens in the corners of the quilt with the points heading back towards the center Dresden.