Friday, January 3, 2014

Rejuvenate and Quilting Plans for 2014

My word for 2014 is rejuvenate!

Last year's word was create - Click here for the post from last year.

Why did I choose rejuvenate?

The definition of rejuvenate is:

1. To restore to youthful vigor or appearance; make young again.
2. To restore to an original or new condition: rejuvenate an old sofa.
3. a. To stimulate (a stream) to renewed erosive activity, as by uplift of the land.
 b. To develop youthful topographic features in (a previously leveled area).
Definition from the Free Dictionary - definition of rejuvenate.

I chose rejuvenate,

because ...

I want to complete several old projects. I may not complete them as originally planned.  I will rejuvenate them into a new quilted project and give them a new look!

I want to create more this year with vintage fabrics.

I want to "up cycle" clothes, vintage linens, pillowcases and hankies into new quilted projects.

Last, but not least, I want to continue to be challenged by my quilted projects.

And I will continue to share it all here!

Sharing Plans for my Blog for 2014

I will be sharing a block for Kim at Persimon Dreams Blog for the 52 Blocks Quilt Along.  I am going to share a simple block with a twist --- Twisted Rail Fence Block on April 30th. 

I will be sharing prizes again this year for Project Quilting. It starts on Jan. 5th, Sunday at Noon CST. 
Hop over and check it out!  
Join in on the fun! Create with a new enthusiasm!

Each week, I will be sharing a $30.00 Quilting Gift Certificate. 
The first week, I will also be giving away my Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern. It's the quilt that looks different every time you make it. 

Want to see more photos of the Easy to Sew Quilt? Check out my Photo Gallery.

May for Me 2014 will be an entire month of celebrating taking time for you.

In August, I will be sharing prizes for Pets on QuiltsSee link in the sidebar. Join in on the fun in 2014 with Snoodles and Padsworth and DragonDrop over at LilyPadQuilting.

I am working on 37 Sunflower Quilt Blocks for a Quilt Block Exchange that I signed up for last year, through facebook. I will be sharing the instructions for my Sunflower Block here. I have to complete them by the first week in February. I will be sharing the instructions this month.

I will continue to share posts about "Getting Up Close with My Quilting" on Mondays.  

Want to see some posts, right now about Getting Up Close with My Quilting?  or Click on the sidebar links.

I will be sharing my Project Quilting quilt projects as I create them.
I plan to do all of them!
Remember, I quilt full time 5 days a week for my customers, I post as often as I can on my blog, and I sew and quilt 24/7 when I am not quilting/working. Therefore I sew and quilt all the time.
All of my Project Quilting projects are created in 15 minute intervals, on my breaks and at the end of my work day. I will continue to share lots of photos with tutorials and step by step photos.

Want to see some of last years projects? Click on the links in my sidebar.

This was one of my favorite projects from 2012. Link in sidebar.

I have had fun sharing posts about Sunday's Scraps and will continue to share more this year. Some of my 2014 rejuvenation projects I have planned will fall into this category!

I have had fun using all my fabric scraps to create!

If you missed something on my blog, you can simply do a search or you may find the link in the sidebar. 

I am ready to Rejuvenate in 2014!

I will create with a new quilting enthusiasm! 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


gpc said...

I love the idea of only have to commit to 15 minutes at a time!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

That's a great idea...15 minutes at a time. Might get to that one!!

Terry Truesdale said...

Thanks for getting me addicted to this stuff last year!!

Kim said...

That's a great word! Can't wait to follow along with all your beautiful quilting. Thanks again for introducing me to PQ and cheering me along / helping me learn! I'm thinking I'll need to participate in May for Me - can't wait to see what it entails!