Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting Up Close with My Quilting - Triangle Quilting

Triangle Quilting is like meandering with a twist stitching all straight lines. 

Remember the Special Swirl Quilting on this same type of pinwheel quilt.  What a difference the quilting makes!And here is a denser stitched Triangle Quilting.

Outlining triangles and other shapes on this quilt with meandering triangles in between the shapes.

 I added a simple star occasionally with the triangle quilting. 

This is a cool way to fill a triangle. Remember the Special Swirls Quilting in the triangles.  See how the quilting changes the look of the quilt.

Please email me if you try any of the quilting designs. I will link to your post about it or I will post it here for you!   
This is what I posted on Friday's FAQs about Jeannie:

Why do I write a blog?

Monday's Post about wiggle line quilting inspired Jeannie from Quilting by Jeannie .  She is also a long arm quilter and she tried the wiggle line quilting and posted it on Thursday!  Hop over and see it.  It's great!  

And that is exactly why I write a blog.  I love what I do so much, I really want to inspire others to create!  

Remember sharing is what blogging is all about!  Sharing your craft... what you do... how to make it...  and good deals on fabrics, patterns, and etc... and giveaways!  

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Tonya said...

I like those squiggles inside the triangles. Neat!

sweetybird09 said...

I do not quilt but sure do admire what you do :)