Monday, June 20, 2011

Flowers for Project Quilting

The Challenge for the OFF Season Project Quilting is up and ready for you to create!  

Chris from Dye Candy Fabrics proposed the challenge.  Click on her name to see what she posted about it and follow the link from Chris to Project Quilting.

I am going to try to fit the challenge into my schedule!  It is time to create - try it - you will like it! 

I ordered some beautiful dyed fabric from Chris recently to make my Scattered Quilt.  I have some fat quarters that I will mix with my printed fabric and make some cool flowers for the challenge.  

I am thinking of doing something with my huge poppies from the Large Scale Print Challenge.  

They were simple and fun to make.  You can see how I made them on this Post.  

I invite you to make one or two or three or ten for the challenge too. Go for it --- the more poppies the merrier!  Let's pop with creativity and make fabric poppies!  

Enjoy!  Marcia

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Tonya said...

I have given up on committing to these challenges. But I think I will put them in my idea jar to do someday!