Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - Where Do You Fit?

This week, Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts wrote on her blog:
 "Are you a square peg in a round hole, or a round peg in a square hole? Instead of trying to 'fit' within the square and round of the quilting design world, find what fits you - makes you happy and shout "I MADE THAT"!! (shhh - I think I'm a spiral)" 

So I left a comment: "I think if you are a spiral, then I am a Swirl! Sometimes I think I am just swirling around in all directions, but that isn't bad, as life is never boring that way! You always make me think!  Thanks!"

So for Thursday's Thoughts I decided to write about ...Where do I fit?  Because I live, think, and breathe quilting and sewing 24/7, where do I fit?  
For example, in my daily life and interactions with people...

When I am talking with my husband, a family member, and/or a friend, somehow the conversation switches from talking about an actor in a movie to that was a cool quilt on the bed in that movie. Or did you see the cool pattern on the building when they were in Italy? 

I seem to swirl around in the conversations.

Next we are talking about something with colors and how we perceive them differently. Did you see how the colors just flowed through that room?  It was so eye pleasing. Or how the clothes they wear wearing, would make a great color combination for a quilt.

Then the conversation is about how something makes someone feel better. I think or say, it's the same way a quilt comforts a person.  The person who creates the quilt feels good, as they make it and when they give the quilt, they know it will bring comfort to the receiver. 

I may suggest that we decorate something with a cool quilt pattern or add fabric to something to soften the look or give it color. Like adding fabric and color to my garden.

Yes I am very passionate about quilting and I do think about it all the time.  If I am not sewing or quilting, I am reading blogs, magazines, or I see quilts everywhere...  Am I swirling?  Or am I just passionate about quilting? 

So...Where do I fit? 

Here  -  right here!  I can express myself and how I feel.  No one thinks I'm weird, because all of you think the same way I do!  
Where do you fit?



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Super post today - and thank you for the 'hollar'. I don't think anyone passionate about what they do ever turns it off. Einstein, Picasso, Frank Llyod Wright, Edison - could they simple turn those ideas and thoughts off? Well, thank heavens they didn't!!

So what ever your passion - revel in it!!! And as I always remind - don't forget to breath.

Belinda said...

I love your post as well as Sharon's. I think I must be a color wheel. Colors are what capture me. And my kids used to tease me about painting tee shirts. I'd see a pretty picture or design and immediately say, "That would look great on a tee shirt!" Now I see it and think it would look great as a quilt!

Tonya said...

You see quilts everywhere a bit more than I do. I wish that I could. I think my mind is too clouded with my family I guess. I do have those ideas floating least there are those. I just wish that I could create patterns instead of using others patterns. Well, that's how I am wired so I'll continue to fit where I am made. Happy swirling!