Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts - 100 years of Sewing and Quilting?

In the "First Thursday's Thoughts" post I talked about Minutes for Me.  I don't always take my own advice.  Recently it has been a little "crazee-busy" trying to catch up after taking time off while my Mom was in the hospital.  I realized today I am missing my minutes for me.  So I am going to take some time and do some personal sewing this weekend.  We camp on the weekends by the Mississippi River.  My husband loves to fish and I love to sew.  So he fishes and I sew.  We make simple meals, so neither one of us has to give up any minutes for me at the river.  Sometimes we just have veggies and sandwiches.  We have camped for 19 year summers at the same campground, next to the same friends (who are now part of our family). We love it there.

My husband and I both have stressful jobs and we know it is important to take a break!  
Yes, my job is stressful.  I am a pretty tough boss!  I have to be! I love my job, but sometimes it's hard to be your own boss.  There is never enough time in the day and part of that is because I try to multitask and then I forget what I am doing and I start doing something else.  I still get a lot done in the day, but I want just a couple more hours, just like everyone else!

OK I decided to start another blog this week. I must have thought I didn't have enough to do!  I will be featuring quilts, quilted items, and sewing projects that are just mine (not customer's projects - like on this blog).  Some of my projects have been featured on this blog and some have not.   The blog will be a photo display with just a few words to keep it simple.  I have always wanted to make a photo album of my quilts and sewing projects from over the years.  Well this will be it.  An online photo album of all the things I have made over the years, in no particular order.  If I know the year I will tag it - if don't, I won't.  See... it has to be simple! 

 I think of this blog, here, as part of my quilting business, because I primarily feature customer's quilts and some of my quilts.  I share a variety of quilting projects and ideas through the photos and tutorials.  Previous to owning my quilting business, I was a Family and Consumer Education Teacher (Home Economics Teacher). I love to share "How to Posts" and I will continue to do that. 

Having the second blog, won't change the format of this blog.  I will still do my daily posts: 
Monday - Getting up Close with My Quilting
Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday

The second blog may have 1 post a day or 2 or 3 posts a day.  Whatever I feel like going down memory lane and adding photos.  Some of the photos are in photo albums, so I will have to scan them in order to share them.  I only have digital photos from the past 10 years.  I started sewing when I was 13.  Yes, I do have my first sewing project and I will be sharing that, plus my first quilt.  I remember collecting fabric for my first quilt, like it was yesterday.  I am 53 years young, so that is 40 years of sewing. I wrote on the other blog - 100 years, as it feels like that! 

I invite you to follow along, as I post my creations and share my life through the photos. 

Have a wonderful Thursday!



Tonya said...

Wow...forty years of sewing!! and it is wonderful that you have all those photos. I was horrible about documenting anything in my life until blogging came along.

Linda said...

I agree with Tonya, Wow! Can't wait to visit the new blog :)

Heather said...

I'm going to add you new blog to my reading list- what a good idea!