Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesdays - Easy Table Runners

Using my Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern, I created these three table runners.  They are all similar, yet at the same time, different.  The construction method of the Easy to Sew Quilt Block assembles the blocks to give you a unique and artsy look every time, without doing any figuring.  

I selected different fabrics for the borders on each table runner.  I free style quilted one of the table runners with a Two Color Ribbon Quilting with a Twist.  The twists are the dragonflies.  I chose scraps of blues and greens and I even used some of my extra wide quilter's blenders fabrics for some of  the blues. Remember the post about Extra Wide Fabric is not just for backing a quilt.

Hope you had a great Tuesday!


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Tonya said...

I am pretty sure our taste in colors is similar too...