Saturday, August 6, 2011

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - I'm asking the questions today!

Are you a vintage quilter?

What do your quilting supplies look like?  

How used and abused are your cutting boards, rulers and rotary cutters? 

Do they look like this?

Does your ironing board look like mine?  How would you like to freshen it up?
You can cover your stained ironing board with a white piece of flannel.  
  • Makes it look clean and fresh again. 
  • It grabs the loose threads when you are pressing.  
  • It absorbs your spray starch.
  • It grabs the color dyes from your fabric.
  • And most importantly it's machine washable!  You can keep it fresh and clean.

I can help you freshen your old ironing board.  I carry in my online fabrics an Extra Wide 100% Cotton White Flannel --- 60 inches wide.  One yard measures 36" X 60" and is only $9.00 a yard. Shipping is only $4.00 when purchasing one yard of fabric.
The White Flannel can also be used to make a design wall or a design board. See details on how to create one at Linda Halpin's Website at Tips and Tricks Page.

100% Cotton Flannel WHITE 60" Wide

Where can you get NEW Quilting Supplies FREE?

YES I said FREE  ---- of course you pay the shipping to have the FREE quilting supplies sent to your home!  There are two gadgets on my sidebar for information about Stash Manicure "Sew We Quilt" Quilter's Campaign Giveaway!

The first gadget link takes you to their blog 


the second gadget link takes you to my post about registering with me,  if you are a NEW Quilter ( A Wantobe) AND if your are not a blogger then you need to sign up with a blogger (that's Me) in order to enter the drawings.  

Any other questions?  
Email me...

Enjoy your day!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

HAHAHA - when did you sneak into my house? I have the WORST cutting mats - 3 of them that look like that - one worse - you can no longer see the lines. I tend to cut the corners off my rulers. I do have good scissors though - now that the kids are gone. I have 2 table top ironing boards and I have towel covers I made for them so I can wash them out - but they need replacing. Made me blush!

Tonya said...

My main ruler has the whole end broke off where Seth stepped on it. I keep rotating the mat hoping it will help...

And I put a new ironing cover on and it was messed up in a matter of days. I give up!

Linda said...

Oh my! I hope a new mat is in your near future. My cutting mat is new since my old one was warped and very brittle. I suspect a kid might have had something to do with the warping. They thought you could iron on it! Darn it, oh I mean, Yay, I get to buy a new one :) I also just recovered my ironing board too. Looks soo much better now. Let's hope it stays that way at least until I get tired of the fabric pattern :) Oh and I like your rotary cutter. Looks very comfy to work with.

Madame Samm said...

OOHHH Marcia..I almost well you know..had to run to my powder ok the mat, the ironing board..very sad...and yes I bet many look like this...gosh I am glad we have great sponsors ...
you should win the prize for one of the best post I have seen to date for OUR campaign

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Aren't our cutting boards supposed to be bent, frayed, coming apart? My rulers are in pretty good shape. I bought a old wooden ironing board, and now I have to make a cover. I've never seen flannel on an ironing board. I was thinking of using 30's fabrics to brighten it up. I've never made an ironing board cover before.

Toadally Quilts said...

I just saw your vintage post with the picture of the pincushion made with the canning jar lids... how did you make that.. i get the fabric jar ring and batting but hat did you use as the base. We just went through my grandmas house and pulled out about 12 huge boxes of jars mostly canning. Thanks!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Had to laugh when I saw your mat and the before picture of ironing board. Great Idea flannel, never thought of that, Im gonna try this. My biggest problem is keeping blades for my cutter. Just purchased new ones last week, why oh why do I wait so long before replacing them. Many of my rulers have nicks and chips, but still work so keeping them. I guess you know you are an avid quilter if your equipment looks like this.

Kim said...

Being new, I can't wait til my stuff looks like that! Am starting a project with some of Dad's shirts and hunting coats! Wish me luck!