Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - A Look Back at my Quilts from Project Quilting

Why take a look back? ... I wanted to share the photos of my quilted projects again to let you know that even a very busy person can still make all of these quilt projects.  

Every one of these projects was made in 15 to 30 minute intervals.  If I waited for an hour or two hour slot of time ... I would never find it.  I have to take "Minutes for Me" whenever I get a chance! 

Sometimes it is when I am taking a quilting machine break.  I cut a few strips or iron some of the pieces.  Then I may take a break later in the day and sew a few pieces together.  Sometimes I sew for a half hour at the end of the day after I have dinner in the oven.  There are some days that I wake up before my 6:30 alarm and then I just get up and start sewing in my pajamas. I call that bonus time -- If I am up early that is "Me Time". 

You really can do this too... If you start small and just try to find ONE 15 minute slot of time each day, you will be amazed at how much you can get done in a week using this method.  It really works!  Here are the pictures to prove it..

Sunday's post about the Hodgepodge Patchwork Bag, which was my July entry in Project Quilting.

My June entry and the post about the Floating Lilies and the Tutorial on How to make the Floating Lilies.

My May entry was Tiny Treasures Quilt Wall Hanging.

May 1st my Interview from Season Two of Project Quilting was posted at Kim's Crafty Apple Where Creativity Blooms Blog.

This a group photo of my projects from Season 2.  

Click on this link to all the Project Quilting Posts from the newest to the oldest..... My Project Quilting Posts.

Here is the post about Restarting and Minutes for Me with a listing of quilt projects I made in short time intervals.

Find your 15 minutes of "Me Time"!  It will make your life more enjoyable! Find time to play, create, and construct something fun!

Enjoy your day!


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