Friday, August 12, 2011

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - What am I going to do with this?

I bought this at Family Outreach.  You can buy clothes by the bag.  The money they make helps support families in need with food. I usually stop once every two weeks.  I find all sorts of cool stuff.  Most importantly I know it helps support some local families.  They also have fruits and vegetables from a local Amish farm.  

Over the past 9 years, I have purchased many clothing items and I would get them home and they didn't fit me... So what am I going to do with it?  Stayed tuned for a post next week to find out what I will make out of this shirt... Links in the sidebar for progress...

And these shorts... What will I make?

Hop over to my other blog to see what I made out of old clothes over the years.
Here's a quilt I made from old clothes.  I am sure, my daughter, Jewels will recognize her dyed shorts! 

Here are a few items I have found at Family Outreach.

I love all the treasures I find for only a dollar or two!

Don't forget to hop over to the my other blog to see what I did with clothing items in the past. 

What do you think I will do with the shirt and the shorts? Any guesses? 
Links in the sidebar will keep you up to date on the progress of each project. 
Link to the posts about the Denim Shirt Project.
Link to the posts about the Blue Shorts Quilt.

Enjoy your weekend!


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My Life In Quilts said...

Very nice! I have bought many lovely things from my local shop called the Vestry, a lot like yours. The prices are always right! Lately I have been collecting men's flannel shirts and cutting them up to make a rag quilt. Cost of the quilt? Probably less than $15.00. And the shirts were not cheap either! I love a bargain!

GrammaJ said...

I am a Wantobe Quilter and I would love to win the quilting prizes. I am registered with Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting. I follow both of you and I am now following the guest blogger Monica Lee. I haven't got a clue what you might be making with your purchases. Will stay tuned to find out.

Kim said...

Loved your blog today as always! Have started a quilt with your pattern (easy quilt pattern I think it's called)! The fabrics are interesting as my Shorty found a crazy dragon fabric and begged me to make him a "blanket". Am anxious to start my project with Dad's shirts and hunting coat too especially after your blog today! Thanks so much for all the inspiration you rock Marcia!

Tonya said...

I have no are so creative. Love your little treasures...especially the doll. Cute!

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

OK love the shorts... I will be more loyal when we have electricity full time again - know you are loved in our RV....