Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Up Close with My Quilting - More Overall Swirls

The Overall Swirl Quilting on these three quilts gives you excellent examples of the medium sized swirls.  Notice how they create motion in all of the quilts.  I think it is a great choice for any quilt, especially a modern quilt.  These swirls range from 1 inch to about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. 

Remember the tiny over all swirls from last week's post --- using the swirls as a background filler

Here is the link to the first post about Overall Swirl Quilting.  

If you want to see all of the posts about Up Close with My Quilting this is the link.

Enjoy your Monday!



Kitty Pearl said...

Hi Marcia,
I like the swilrs on Coffee runner. :)
Happy Monday --Kitty Pearl

SeeingStars said...

Your medium swirls look great! I tend to quilt small designs, but need to stretch my skills to include larger motifs. The motion in this quilting adds interest. Great job.
Kim / SeeingStars

Heather said...

Beautiful as always! The swirls remind me of the ocean waves. :)

2ne said...

Love your swilrs quilting. It is beautifull

Stray Stitches said...

Your beautiful quilting just continues to amaze me!

Marydon said...

So love the serene colors of your quilt & the design onf stitching on it.

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Have a beautiful weekend.

Tonya said...

So pretty!! I love the colors in that top reminds me of sand and the ocean.