Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunch Looks Like a QUILT to Me!

Everything looks like a quilt to me... I love the colors of the sunshine tomatoes with the rosy strawberries (both from my container garden!) The little carrots in the center blend the strawberries and the tomatoes together! I should have cut open the egg and had the bright yellow yolk in the picture too! Thought of that when I was eating, but it took so long to display my meal, I had to just eat. (I only get a half hour for lunch -- you know I have a really tough boss.) I added the triple curly parsley from my container garden to accent the avocado slices, creamy pasta salad, and the bright white egg. All set on a pretty little plate from the local resale shop. My blue quilted table topper makes a gentle, cool background!

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Advertising on --- Put my Note Cards up first!

The Website and Ad aren't there anymore... It was good place to advertise while it was there....

I placed a Free advertisement for my Assorted Quilted Photo Note Cards on a website called . This is the direct link to my ad . My website and phone number is listed in the ad so customers can get in touch with me directly after reading the ad. The advertisement is free for 7 days and $1.00 for 30 days and $5.00 for a year ---- Go to the website and get the details. I am trying the 7 days first and then will probably go with the one year and will add other items to that! They are just getting started and I think it will be a good place to be! I was the second ad on the website!!