Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Twisted Rail Fence Block for the 52 Block Quilt Along

52 Blocks
52 Block Quilt Along

I am joining in on the fun of Kim's 52 Blocks Quilt Along!

My Twisted Rail Fence Quilt Block can be constructed with 3 fabrics or 4 fabrics or 5 fabrics or more. I like to work with a variety of fabrics so more works for me.

I selected some fabrics with a variety of textures from blenders to dots to stripes.  I also selected the colors ranging from lite to medium to dark to create contrast between the strips.

I cut them into a variety of sizes of strips from 1 1/4" to 2 1/2".

I stitched them together in any order, but it needs to be the same order for each set of strips. I always started with the lite blue on the far left.

I pressed/ironed the strips sets with the seams all going the same direction.  Then I measured it.  My sets were 6 1/2".  I can cut a twisted rail fence quilt block that is 5 1/2" square from the 6 1/2" strip sets.  If I want my block larger than 5 1/2" then I would need to sew on another strip or more to each set.  

I used the pens to mark my 4 corners of my 5 1/2" block.  I want to cut all my blocks at the same angle and at the same spot on each strip set.  See the next few photos.

I cut the right side and the top first and then....

I flipped it around to cut the left side and the bottom. See how I lined it up.

In the next photo, I placed the "cut aways" next to each side, so you can see where I cut my quilt block.

Line up the left side of the ruler to cut the next block.

The next photos shows the first 2 blocks.  I took this photo so you can see what I cut away from each block on the strip set.

You can lay the quilt blocks out in a row to form a border for a quilt.

Or put 4 blocks together to form a 4 patch block and it will create a pinwheel design.

I made 3 four patch blocks from the 12 Twisted Rail Fence Blocks.

Put them together in a row and added border.  It is ready to quilt.

Here are some other examples of the Twisted Rail Fence Block.

I used 4 strips for this block and I made 2 sets of color arrangements using a grey blender in medium and dark.

I tried several layouts of the quilt blocks.

I even tried a solid block every other block.

I like the four patch design.

Then I decided to add some uneven triangles to the corners in the center. Just adding another TWIST to the block! 

And I put it all together and quilted it.

It was starting to get dark when I took this photo, but you can really see the quilting. 

Here is another Twisted Rail Fence Block that I used as a border row on a Round Robin Quilt. I used 4 fabric colors for this Twisted Rail Fence Block.

I first tried this layout.

I liked this layout best.

Here is an up close photo of the corner.

The Twisted Rail Fence Block is a fun block to play with all sorts of designs.  I especially love that you can use any size of strips.  It would be great for using up strip scraps!

Hop over and check out all the Quilt Blocks that have been shared so far this year:  52 Block Quilt Along is hosted at

Enjoy creating the Twisted Rail Fence Quilt Block!
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting Up Close with My Quilting - Overall Paisley Swirls

Overall Paisley Swirls was a perfect choice for the quilt on Heather's Scrappy Quilt.

I selected the color pearl for the thread.  It is like a white, but not as stark as white. It looks great on white fabric and on colorful prints too.

Heather did not use a quilt pattern to make this quilt.  She created the medallions with scraps of assorted colorful prints. She stitched them onto white fabric and then bordered them with more colorful prints.  All of the centers are black prints.  What a great way to use all of your colorful fabrics!

Heather made pillow shams to match the quilt and ....

coordinating backs for the pillow shams.

I took a photos as I folded them up to get them ready to mail.

If you want to see more of the things that Heather creates, check out her website and facebook page and blog. 

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Enjoy your day!

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