Saturday, August 29, 2015

Four of the Seven Quilt Challenges Completed!

I thought it would be fun to take a photo of all four quilts together. It was a gloomy day, yesterday, which makes it a perfect day to take photos of the quilts outside.

I am pleased with all four of my Challenge Quilts for the Focus Through the Prism Series of Project Quilting.  I really enjoyed each quilt challenge and I am looking forward to the three remaining challenges.

I thought they would all fit on the picnic table, but that is OK as I liked the look of them overlapping.

I took an up close of the four of them intersecting, so you can see the quilting on each one.

I flipped them over to the backsides.

In May, the Quilt Challenge was to be inspired by the Monkey Wrench Quilt Block. I selected green from the Cherrywood bundle of hand dyed fabrics.  Click here to see my post about my "Missing Monkey Wrenches Quilt".  I created a Tic Tac Toe Monkey Wrench Quilt Block.

The Friendship Star was the Quilt Block for June.  I had fun with the quilting on this one, trying to create the look of  crocheted chains running through the quilt, connecting the friendship stars.  Click here for the posts about my "Friendship Chains Quilt".

I decided in July, that it was time for me to use one of BLUES - My favorite color!  Log Cabin was the Quilt Block.  I added black strips in between each strip of my half log cabin quilt block and then had a blast with the quilting.  I named it Bubbling Blues! Click here for the posts about this quilt.

This month August, I selected orange.  We were to be inspired by the Pinwheel Quilt Block.
I had an incredible time "Thread Painting" with my quilting on the flowers using 4 different quilt thread colors.  I shared all the steps, as I added each color, to create the flowers for the background of my pinwheel quilt.  I asked for name suggestions and ended up with "Grandmama's Sunrise Windmolen"  ---- I think it really shows you the excitement and passion I have for my quilting.  It's not just a job --- I LOVE quilting! Click here for the post about this quilt.

I used my Instagram App to make this next photo. You can see them all at once and the whole quilt.

I can't wait for the next three Focus Through the Prism Project Quilting Challenges for September, October, and November.

I have three of the Cherrywood fabric colors left to use.

Yellow and Purple and Indigo Blue

I wonder what Quilt Block will be next.  The next Quilt Challenge starts September 1st.

Thanks for following along on my blog, as I post about all the quilt and quilt related things I do.

I have started sharing photos on Instagram too.  See the link in my sidebar for all the places I share.

Click here to find out about the Focus Through the Prism Series for Project Quilting.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Need a Name for My Pinwheel Quilt!

Saturday Morning Update: 

I am leaning towards something with Sunrise or Sunset in the name.  

Another suggestion on Facebook was  "Grandmama's Windmolen".  I am thinking "Grandmama's Sunrise Windmolen" and combining the name suggestions.

Why that name "Grandmama's Sunrise Windmolen"?  

It is orange - color of my business logo and the color of the Netherlands where my Grandson was born.

The pinwheel looks like a windmill, and my Grandson is Dutch and the pinwheel design came from a customer.

And it's mine --- me --- I'm a Grandmama!

I have been quilting for customers since 2003 and every morning I wake to colorful quilts! Makes it very easy to get up to a sunrise of quilts awaiting my quilting! I love my job!

I was inspired by a pinwheel quilt block that a customer shared with me that her mother made. I love it! It reminds me of the pinwheels on a stick from when I was a little girl.

I selected orange from the Cherrywood Fabric this month's Focus Through the Prism Project Quilting Challenge. 

Even though it is bright orange --- it looked kind of blah to me, so I decided to quilt it with "Thread Painting".  I selected five quilting thread colors, but I only used four of them.

Because I cut up the batik fabric, it cut up the flowers in it.

I made them whole flowers with my Thread Painting.

The first color I quilted with is named Zinnia.

The second color is Begonia.

Next I quilted with Poinciana Red.

Love how the red made the flowers pop!

The fourth quilting thread was Canary Yellow.

I added a black binding.

I am very very pleased with the results of the Thread Painting, but I do not have a name for my quilt.

The backside of the quilt looks cool too!

Any suggestions on a name?

I am linking this up over at Persimons Dreams for the Focus Through the Prism Project Quilting Challenge for this month.  It is a series of 7 quilts and this is the 4th one of 7. 

Check out all the information and join in the fun of being inspired to create through Project Quilting.

Enjoy your day!