Thursday, December 8, 2016

Made From Old Denim Shirts and Dresses

If you follow my blog, you have seen this quilt before. I made it from denim shirts and dresses and a pair of old plaid shorts.

I am doing a test posting today from my tablet, instead of my computer.  So far so good. Of course, it takes longer to type. I haven't figured out all the options yet.

I wanted to share about some of my "easy to make and sew" patterns before Christmas, if you are looking for handmade gifts.

And you probably have some old denim clothes you can cut up and turn into a gift.

This pattern is a PDF Downloadable Pattern available for only $1.00 on  Denim Quilt Block

You will find more than 20 PDF Downloadable patterns in my Pattern Store at Most of them are easy to sew patterns.

I used the scraps from my quilt to make this table topper. I use it as a large place mat! 

Enjoy your day!


Just a note:   I had to go to my computer to add the tags and to tweek it a bit! But I think posting from my tablet will work!