Monday, January 30, 2017

Free Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart

I created my "Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart Pattern" in 2007. With a group of local quilters, we made a quilt for at Breast Cancer Fundraiser. In 2011, we made another one! I love making the Hearts!

Last year, I made a BLUE Heart for me and I posted about it here.

You know, I love BLUES!

I had planned to take time to add borders and make a table topper for the center of my dining room table, but that did not happen!

I selected some of my favorite blues.

My PDF Pattern includes the paper pattern for printed to sew on and several photos of the Crazee Patch Heart in a quilt and as mini quilts and other ideas. It does not include instructions for paper piecing. You can find tons of "How To Paper Piece Tutorials" online.

Do you want to see the Heart in "Pinks" and in a quilt? 

 Click Here to see this quilt. 

and Click Here to see my Sweat Heart Quilted Box. It was created for a Project Quilting Challenge.

It's a fun and easy to make paper pieced Crazy Patch Heart pattern. You will find my FREE PDF Downloadable Pattern in My Craftsy Pattern Store.

Enjoy the FREE PDF Pattern!


Do you want a printed pattern of the FREE Crazy Patch Paper Pieced Heart? I will mail it to you for $4.50 ($4.50 includes US shipping of $2.00).

Please mail a check to me with your request and your address.

Marcia Wachuta
41826 County Road W
Boscobel, WI 53805

Do you want a printed pattern of any of the PDF Patterns in my Craftsy Store.  Add $2.50 for printing to the price on Craftsy, plus $2.00 for US shipping.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blue Harmony

My Lily had to be blue!

Why?  because I love the color BLUE! I am kind of obsessed about the color blue. When I see it it makes me feel happy!

I have blue eyes - technically "Sheet Metal Blue" eyes.  I have yards and yards of blue fabric. I have several blue quilts. I have blue dishes, blue glasses and blue serving pieces. I wear mostly black clothes with a few blue clothing items, of course that includes blue jeans. I love denim.

This is from Wikipedia as part of the definition of the color BLUE:

Surveys in the US and Europe show that blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, the imagination, cold, and sometimes with sadness. In US and European public opinion polls it is the most popular colour, chosen by almost half of both men and women as their favourite colour.

Blue is harmony to me! 
I am going to title my quilt "Blue Harmony".

See my previous post as to how I made my blue lily using the raw edge applique method.

I tried to stop and take a photo on each step as I thread painted my Lily.

First, I selected the thread. I used 2 layers of batting - 80/20 cotton/poly and washable wool as the top layer.

I thread painted/quilted with the navy thread first for the borders and the stem and stamens and the pistil of the lily.

I thread painted the dots on the petals with the navy too.

I thread painted/quilted with petals next with a couple blue threads.

Next, I quilted the background with tiny pebble quilting with a very lite blue thread.

The quilting and thread painting completed.

I trimmed it and bound it with a solid black binding.
It measures 12" by 14".
I create in Southwestern Wisconsin, Boscobel, Wisconsin.

Here's a few more up close photos.

I love the backside too.

I always quilt Marcia and the year in the corner of my own quilts.

It is ready to share over at Persimmons Dreams for Project Quilting. Hop over and check out all the beautilful Lilies created this week for Project Quilting.

Thanks for following along! 

On most of my blog posts, I share how I created something.  I would like to invite you to check out some of Project Quilting projects from the past.  You will find the links on the right side bar. If you are on a phone, you can change the view from mobile to web version and you can see the links on the side bar.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Blue Lily for Project Quilting

I researched images of the Carolina Lily and drew this rough sketch of a Lily.  We are to be inspired by the Carolina Lily. Hop over to Persimmons Dreams for all the information about this weeks challenge. Here is the direct Link to the Challenge.

I selected three hand dyed blues from my small collection of Cherrywood Fabrics to create my Blue Lily and a light blue hand dyed fabric. Blue, of course! Last year, I bought a grab bag of their fabrics, so I would have a little assortment.

This Lite Blue piece of fabric is hand dyed by Dye Candy Fabrics.

Using the sketch, I traced the sections on the lily onto lite heat and bond to create the raw edge applique pieces.

Next, I ironed it onto the fabrics.

Next, I carefully cut out the pieces.

I positioned each piece on the light blue fabric and ironed it in place.

Note:  I could have flipped my flower over before tracing the pieces, but I knew it would be reversed, if I left it right side up. If you want something a certain direction you have to flip it over before tracing with the heat and bond. See photo. I like it on the left side better anyway!

Using the leftover scraps from the blue fabrics, I created a pieced border.

I selected another hand dyed blue fabric for the backing. This piece of fabric was hand dyed by Dye Candy Fabrics.

My quilt top is ready for thread painting and quilting. Hopefully, that will happen on Saturday!

Thanks for following along....


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Eight is Great for Project Quilting!

The first Project Quilting Challenge was this past week. We were to be inspired by the number eight. This is the Link to Project Quilting.

I challenged myself again this year to create using my daughter's Ikea sewing machine. It is a small and basic sewing machine. I was creating with limited sewing supplies, which included a tiny cutting board and ruler and a rotary cutter. No walking foot or feed dogs to drop! It made a wrinkled quilt, but in the long run it did not matter as it made a little boy very happy!

I had an added challenge of a 3 1/2 year old by my side rushing the process. When he went to bed I finished the binding. Plus I have spent most of the time holding my new granddaughter which has been super cool! Even cooler than quilting!

The quilt is a dual purpose quilt - the road fabric on one side and a yoga mat on the other side with an 8 patch design.

Here's how I made it.

This is my daughter's cute little sewing machine!

It is a completely different motion when you quilt on a domestic sewing machine versus a longarm quilting machine. I really struggled with the free motion quilting, but I was determined to quilt an 8 in the center of my "Eight Patch"!  It was a real challenge for me to experience quilting on a domestic sewing machine with no walking foot or the ability to drop the feed dogs. I left the 8 pieces of the "Eight Patch" raw edged, to naturally fray. 

We tuned into Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube. He loved it!

My grandson flipped it over to play cars with Baba!

Again don't look at the quilting....

What a fun challenge for me!

I am also sponsoring Project Quilting again this year with 2 prizes for each challenge. Click here to see the Prizes for Season Eight.

Happy New Year!