Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting Up Close with Special Area Quilting

This quilt needed lots of special area quilting. The main part of the quilt is suppose to look like a doggie quilt that the four dogs are sleeping under.  I quilted that with a large meandering and dog bones.

I quilted the hair of each dog using wiggle lines, swirls, wavy lines, and little loops.

I quilted crackled wiggle lines on the dog bones.

You can see on the back of the quilt in the next couple photos.  I quilted the last border of the quilt with paisley swirls.  The narrow border was quilted with loops and wiggle lines.

Wavy lines for the hair on this dog.

It's fun to see the quilting on the back side too!

Look at the curly hair on this dog!

It was a fun quilt to quilt.  My customer loved it!

Special Area Quilting makes a really cool quilt.  It's fun and whimsical!



Update: Found a link to the pattern through Quiltmaker Magazine.
Click here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Up Close with Paisley Swirl Quilting

Erin was the other winner of the two $50.00 winners from the "My Favorite Block Quilt Along" that was hosted by Kim at Persimon Dreams. Erin posts at Fallergirl Blog.

Erin chose pink and blue prints along with some batik fabrics for her quilt. There are a variety of light and medium and dark fabrics.  She did not put lattice in between the blocks, which gives her quilt a modern look.

Erin requested over all quilting and she wanted a a bright pink thread used for the quilting. I got out some of the pinks and reds just to see which one would be best. 

I like to start with several and then narrow it down. I moved them over to another quilt block to see what they look like on each color.

This one is the best!

and it looks the best here too!  The color is New Raspberry.

Started quilting --- Love the New Raspberry for the quilting thread! Looks great on the pink batik and perfect on the lighter prints too.

I love that Erin combined tiny prints and batiks. She has inspired me to combine my tiny blue prints with my batik fabrics.  I will share what I am doing with those fabrics in October. I am planning it for one of my quilt retreat projects. Thanks Erin for the inspiration.

You can see Erin's backing fabric in both of these photos - A grey animal print.  It looks fantastic for the backing! It's a busy print and the pink thread looks perfect on it.

I got a nice photo at an angle and up close to the paisley swirls.

The Paisley Swirl Quilting flows through the blocks, thus softening the straight lines of the blocks.

I love the combining of the batiks with the prints! Really makes the blocks pop!

Hop over and see Erin at Fallergirl. Tell her you saw her "My Favorite Block" Quilt Along Quilt!

Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting Up Close with Free Style Special Area Quilting

Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts  was one of the two $50.00 winners from the "My Favorite Block Quilt Along" that was hosted by Kim at Persimon DreamsErin was the other winner. I will share the photos of the quilting on Erin's quilt tomorrow. Erin posts at Fallergirl Blog.

Sharon chose brown prints with a few highlight colors for her quilt. A variety of light and medium and dark fabrics.  I chose a medium brown for the quilting thread.

When you make a Block of the Month or a Sampler Quilt there are so many different quilt blocks. The Free Style Special Area Quilting is a perfect choice.  This way you can highlight the special details of each block with a background of meandering. I chose meandering with a twist - meandering with leaves and swirls for the background filler.  I quilted swirls and wiggle lines for the special areas in each block.  The quilt is completed with a border of leaves all chained together to frame the quilt.

I took photos of every block.  The quilting gives this quilt a whimsical feeling!


Sharon will be posting about her quilt this week too!  Hop over and check it out ---  Vrooman's Quilts.

And tomorrow I will post Erin's quilt!

Enjoy your day!