Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting Up Close With My Quilting --- Triple and Double Bubble Quilting

I used one color of quilting thread,(Trainer Green). I circled the bubbles at least twice and sometimes three and four times. I quilted large bubbles, medium bubbles, and small bubbles.

My customer said she started this quilt over 5 years ago.  She does not remember the name, but it was a quilt pattern from a Fons and Porter Magazine.  She added several borders to make it king size.

I take photos of customer's quilts on my guest bed.  It is queen size, but this quilt was 110" by 125". It was way too big for this bed!

I lifted up one corner.

I flipped it up so you can see the borders.

I folded it into fourths, so you can see the borders. Look how big it is on the queen size bed.

A few up close of the bubbles on the backside of the quilt.

And some more of the front.

I folded it up for shipping. My customer will be so happy when she receives it.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wordless (Almost) Wednesday - Inspired by Project Quilting

I was totally inspired by this week's Project Quilting Challenge. I was inspired to create! I gathered up my scraps from baby quilts. I love the minkee fabrics - so soft!

The rest of this post will be wordless. I took several photos to show how I made two more "Feel the Love Blankies". I just need to add the ribbons and the flannel backing fabric.  Of course, one will be for my grandson and the other for a friend's baby.

Oh... one more thing:  I cut the scrap strips 3 inches and some of them were 3 1/2 inches. After I stitched the strips together, I cut them at 4 inches, just to make it uneven not squares.  I did not want them to line up at all!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Feel the Love Blankie

I found tons of U-Tube videos when I Googled "Tag Baby Quilts". I wanted to make my upcycled texture quilt into a tag baby quilt/blankie for Challenge Two of Project Quilting. I had never made a tag baby quilt and I thought it would be fun to make one for this challenge.

I selected a yellow car/motorcycle shammy, (got it from my husband when I was searching in the garage for materials) for one of the materials that would not be intended to be a quilt or clothing.

I selected a dish towel with a red ruffle as the second material that would not be intended to be a quilt or clothing.

I selected an old fishing shirt, a fleece vest with cute little puppies on it, a leftover embroidery stitched tab from the quilted bags that I make and a ribbon from a present. Both of the tags could also qualify as materials not for quilts or clothing, as one was for bags and the other was for wrapping presents. 

For the back of the blankie I cut up an old flannel pillowcase that was from my kids back in the 80's.

I not going to go through how I made it, but I share the photos to show you what I did.  I cut the squares about 8 inches square.
No words just photos.

I only stitched the ribbons on one side.

I named my quilt "Feel the Love Blankie" as I will give this to my grandson.  All four squares represent Grandpapa and Grandmama.  The shammy and the fishing shirt for Grandpapa and the dish towel and the fleece for Grandmama. I also like that there are two dogs on the fleece sending their love too.

I will be traveling to the Netherlands in March.  I will give him lots of love, not just the blankie!


Getting Up Close to My Quilting --- Choose Overall Quilting?

Some quilts just need Overall Quilting.

Paisley Swirl Quilting is a perfect choice!

I always ask my customer questions: 
Who is the quilt for?  
Where will you use it? 
Wall hanging or lap quilt?

That helps with the quilting selection.

My customer is going to use this quilt as a wall hanging in her sewing room.

She is going to add buttons to embellish it.  She will add them on the tree and all the way around on the border on the vein and the outside border.

Choosing overall quilting was the best choice, as it will just be there and the buttons will be the focus of the quilt.

What a wonderful way to display your favorite buttons.  

Rolling it up, so it doesn't get creases or fold lines.


Other ways to display buttons that I have shared here: