Friday, June 29, 2018

Whimsical Selfie Quilts by Artsy Chick Quilts

I took a quilt class at Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton, Wisconsin. 


I learned how to make a whimsical version of ME!

Great idea!
Great class!
Fantastic teacher - full of all sorts of important information!

Laurie Ceesay was the teacher. Artsy Chick Quilts

I quilted (thread painted) with my longarm quilting machine, my quilt, Debbie's quilt and Candy's quilt, so I thought I would share some of the before photos here.

They waited on my wall for about 2 weeks til I could fit them into my schedule for quilting (on the weekend!).

The BEFORE PHOTOS - note how plain they look.....


Some of the students with the teacher.

Ready to quilt/thread paint! 

 It is amazing what a little thread painting can do! Look how they come to life!

I would recommend the pattern and if you get the chance to take the class or hire Laurie to teach the class -- do it!

Check out all Laurie's super cool patterns here: Artsy Chick Quilts

 This is NOT an affiliate link --- 
I just loved the pattern and the class so much I am just sharing Laurie's website with you.

If you make one and you would like to have me quilt/thread paint it for you, I would love to do that! Check out my website and FAQQS page for information about my quilting.

Enjoy your day!