Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mary's Quilt

I was looking for a picture to put up and I remembered that my friend Mary took a picture of me in front of her Magic Mosaic Quilt that I quilted with flowing leaves. It was in the LaCrosse Quilt Show this fall. She was awarded a ribbon on her quilt!! Congratulations Mary!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning Something New!

I, Marcia am a full-time long arm quilter, mother of two college kids, (Jewels and BJ), wife of Ritch (wonderful, honest, and hard-working electrician) and I am the caretaker of two wonderful little dogs, (The Girls). My days are filled with hours of freestyle quilting -- creating wonderful designs on customer's quilts! I truly love stitching!!! Every quilt is a new adventure! It is a joy to watch the quilt tops transform into a truly unique quilted quilt!!! --- But doing a blog is a NEW adventure for me...I am trying it and I don't know how many times I will take the time to come to the computer and type, as I want to be at my Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine all day long stitching!!! 
 But maybe this is good for me to write about my passion.... sometimes others don't understand it. When I am stitching and creating I am in control of every movement of the machine and as it glides across the fabric and thru' the blocks, lattice, and borders to transform the quilt top into a quilted quilt. It is a feeling I cannot describe.... so I live and breathe quilting 24/7. It is all I can think about all day long.. I even dream about quilting... I have been quilting full-time since the fall 2003 and to my husband's and my family's surprise I am never bored of it. I am so lucky to have a job that I love. For more information check out my webpage at http://www.craftysewing.com.