Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Named It: "One Patch Short of a 9-Patch Quilt"

I love the 9-Patch Quilt Block! It is so simple and fun to make.  There are so many variations and twists that is makes it an interesting block with a simple design. 

For the Focus Through The Prism Project Quilting Challenge we were to be inspired by the 9 Patch Quilt Block. I thought it would be fun to make a 9-Patch that was short a block, thus my simple design, missing a block!

I really had fun with the quilting on this one! I quilted differently on each 9 patch with some fun stuff including spirals and wiggle lines and bubbles and some non traditional quilting.

I thought it would be fun to add wavy lines in the background.  I was going to quilt with purple thread and then I changed my mind and selected a dark grey thread on the black fabric.  I like it!

I selected a batik backing so you can somewhat see the quilting. I love all the splashes of color.

Several years ago, I attended a 9-Patch Party, where we all brought 4 inch squares and then we threw them all out on a table and mixed them up.  Then you filled a lunch bag with the squares.  You would reach into the bag and start sewing them together in whatever order they came out.  It was really hard for me at the time, as I thought everything should match and they didn't.  But I loved the end result.

I think that is why I love the 9-Patch Quilt Block so much. It's the wonderful memory of that first 9-Patch Party!

I am linking up for the Focus Through the Prism Project Quilting Challenge over at Kim's Blog --- Persimons Dreams.

There is one more challenge for the series of 7 and that will begin Nov. 1st and we will again have one month to create a 20" X 20" inspired on a particular quilt block! Of course this month it was the 9-Patch Quilt Block.  I always try to guess what it will be.  This month, I guessed correctly!

I have the color Indigo Blue left from my Cherrywood Bundle of fat quarters to use for the November Challenge. November is my Birthday month and I saved the Indigo Blue, because I love BLUE!  You know that.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Celebration Quilts Revisited --- 5 Posts of Up Close Quilting!

Two years ago, for Quilts by Barb's Retreat, I posted all the beautiful Celebration Quilts that I quilted. I shared up close and full views of all of them.

This quilt is the one I made with my Mom for our donation quilt that year.

Click Here for the link the post that starts with my Celebration Quilt and then all the links to all of the rest of them. 

This is Debbie's Celebration Quilt.

This is Candy's Celebration Quilt.

This is Thankful's Celebration Quilt.

This is Linda's Celebration Quilt.

Linda created a smaller version of the quilt.

It is all the same quilt pattern! It is soooo cool to see them all with all the colors and the different quilting choices.

More information click here for the full posts from two years ago. You will LOVE it!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Up Close With My Quilting --- Loops and Stars

Information about this quilt and quilting:

This was a customer's quilt. She did the hand embroidery. If I remember correctly, it was a block of the month for each of the embroidery patterns from a local quilt shop a couple years ago.

Free Style Quilting ---- Loops and Stars  - Over all quilting with whimsical loopy loops - double and single loops with an occasional star.

Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly batting 

Pearl -- a soft whitish quilting thread.

Lap size

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting Up Close With My Quilting - Double Loopy Loop Quilting

What is Double Loopy Loop Quilting? 

I quilt it with loopy quilting meaning a line or chain of whimsical loops and then I quilt it again over the first loops.

I changed thread colors with each row.  I quilted three different sizes of loopy loops - small, medium, and large. 

In the grey and white sections of the quilt I quilted the loopy loops scattered - not really in a chain and in various sizes. It is more relaxed or whimsical then the loops in row.  I quilted with a white thread on the white and pearly grey on the grey sections. It gave it a very nice texture.

Here's a full view of the quilt.

And some up close photos. You can see all the sizes of the loops in this photo.

I flipped the back over so you can see both sides.

A couple more up close photos.

This is a customer's quilt.  She made it for a quilt challenge for Quilts by Barb's Quilt Challenge. It's called "The yard that keeps on going" Quilt Challenge.  We were creating with grey hand dyed fabric this year. 

The pattern is called "Good Vibrations." It's from the quilt magazine "Quilts and More." She does not know the magazine date, but it's designed by Kari Vojtechovsky. 

We selected 80/20 Hobbs Quilt Batting.

10 quilting threads - see the first photo.

It measures 51" X 51".

My customer will be binding it with the hand dyed grey fabric.  It will finish it off perfectly.

We selected a busy back from the extra wide backing fabrics.  It is a white with grey triangles. Worked perfect!

If you want to see all the posts about Getting Up Close to With My Quilting --- Click here.  It starts with this post and then just keep scrolling next and next and next.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Getting Up Close With My Quilting - Wiggle Line Quilting

I made this table runner at Quilts by Barb's Quilt Retreat a couple years ago.  It was a mini class that she taught at the Quilt Retreat. I do not know the name of the pattern.  I am trying to finish up some of my unfinished projects and this was one of them.

I quilted it recently and finally completed the binding on Sunday afternoon.

Instead of an embroidery stitch, I used the Zig Zag that has the tiny stitches for finishing the quilt binding. I think it fits perfectly!

I used two quilting thread colors.  Key Lime Green and Bermuda Blue and Black for the binding.

Here is an up close photo of the Wiggle Line Quilting in the center square of the table runner.

I almost forgot to stitch in my name and the year.  I stitched it right through the wiggle lines.

I flipped the end, so you can see the backside of the table runner.

And a full view of the table runner.

 I am planning to take time to post on Monday nights again, My Getting Up Close With My Quilting Posts. Life just gets so busy, sometimes there is not enough time in the day. If you click on the link here or the tags at the bottom of my post you will get this post first and then all the rest of the quilting posts.

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