Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Love Makes the World Go Round"

That's what I named my quilt! 

"Love Makes the World Go Round" 

That was one of my Dad's favorite songs to sing to my kids when they were babies.  He would sing it over and over and over until they stopped crying. 

December was an extremely busy month for me with my quilting business and all sorts of other stuff for the holiday. I never seemed to find a spot to fit in time to work on the December Optional Quilt Challenge for Project Quilting.

On December 31st, I thought to myself, I have all day!  


.....Well, all day turned into only a couple hours as we were having problems with our phone and that took over 2 hours to get it straightened out.  Then something else came up and then another thing. By the time I started it was afternoon. 

Here's how I created my quilt:

Step One:
I ironed on Lite Heat and Bond to the backside of my fabric scraps from all 7 challenge quilts.

Step Two: 
Cut the fabric into 2 1/2 inch squares.

Step Three:  
I peeled the paper off the back and I ironed/pressed them in a circular formation on black fabric. The black fabric was about 22" by 22" square.

I placed them in a random order, starting with the orange squares in the center and just going around the circle.

Step Five:
I selected the quilting thread and quilted it.

I quilted on the black with a dark grey quilting thread. I quilted the background with multiple wavy lines starting in the center and going around and around.

I quilted each color with the corresponding color with a very wiggly spiral motif in each square.

I quilted in Marcia and the year in the corner.

I made a hanging sleeve and a label for the back of my quilt.

But I did not complete it before midnight, so technically I should have added 2016 to the label as I finished it on January 1st.

It's OK, as I really had fun making it!

I took a couple more up close photos, so you can see the very wiggly spiral quilting on the squares.

And a couple photos of the backside.

I created a little stop/start video of how I made my quilt and shared it on instagram.  

I share on instagram craftysewingandquilting

Thanks for the Quilt Challenge Kim from Project Quilting.

I did not link it up, as I did not make the deadline, but you can hop over and check out all the beautiful quilts that did make it in time  --- Click Here.

Tomorrow, Jan. 3rd, Season 7 starts for Project Quilting.

I have sponsored Project Quilting since Season Two.  Hop over and check out the Quilt Challenges.

Join in on the fun of creating quilts!




Betsy said...

It is amazing Marcia

Michele said...

It really turned out wonderful. Nicely done.

Michelle said...

I was browsing over at Quilter Blogs and your quilt caught my attention! It's so simple but beautiful. I could really feel the joy pouring off of it! I think I'll make my own when I have a free day but maybe with hexagons instead.

DeAnna said...

Awesome design. Love the colors and the quilting and it's named perfectly!

Farm Quilter said...

Love your quilt design and you did a great job with the quilting! The name of it is perfect!