Monday, August 30, 2010

All Machine Embroidery Binding in BLUE!!!

No .... I did not polish my nails to match the binding! I just love blue! That week my toe nails were blue too! Went a quilt retreat in Iowa and had some wonderful pampering! I made photo note cards from a picture I took of four other quilter's feet and polished toes on brightly dyed fabric!!! Note Card Page on the website. There is a slide show of the binding samples on the Photo Gallery/Examples Page.

Friday, August 27, 2010

First Two Quilted Tote Bags available for purchase with a Credit Card!

ONE of a KIND !!! I make and create a variety of Quilted Tote Bags --All unique -- No two are alike! Not even the same size!

They are a simple quilted tote bag with no pockets or only one pocket. Made just for carrying your craft stuff and reading material around with you, protected by the padding of the batting and fabric. All are freestyle quilted with 100% cotton fabric and 80/20 cotton/poly batting and stitched with colorful threads on the all machine embroidery binding. Very durable and machine washable.

There are two yellow, black, and white quilted tote bags available for purchase at

Great little tote bags for carrying and protecting your small items and craft projects!

More "One of a Kind" quilted tote bags in a variety of sizes will be added soon...... see pictures in the photo gallery.

A New Look ! Slide Shows, Photo Gallery, and Online Store!

A New Look to my Website features hundreds of new pictures in the Photo Gallery. I added a couple photos of every quilt I quilted this year! Some are up close of the quilting like the photo here! That one I made into a quilted photo note card and a post card. You can purchase the note cards and three other styles on my website with a credit card!

Over the next couple weeks I will add a couple pictures of all the quilts I quilted last year then a couple weeks later, I will add the year before! Soon there will be a couple thousand pictures of quilts! Amazing!! I can't do it all in one day as I have to quilt in between --- I can't just work on the computer! Ha Ha! I added a couple of slide shows to the website on the Quilted Tote Bag page and on the bottom of the Reconstruction page. I am in the process of adding more One of a Kind Quilted Tote Bags for purchase. Several Quilted Tote Bags are completed and the photos are ready for upload I just have to write the descriptions for the Online Store!

If you find your quilt on the Photo Gallery email me! Also email your friends and share it with them too!! Copy and paste this link and email it to your friends and family Thanks! Enjoy the pictures of the quilts and quilt related items!! It will be like going to quilt show in your own home!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beans and Potatoes!!! YES ---- I do COOK!!

COOK at your own risk!!!! Ha Ha 1. Steam or boil fresh green beans. 2. Wash and slice "New" Potatoes -- leave the skin on!!! Pan fry the potatoes in butter or whatever you would like. Season with a little salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning. In the second picture I used canned diced potatoes -- Open can, rinse in cool water and drain water and pan fry them. 3. When both the potatoes and green beans are cooked --- drain the green beans and add them to the fry pan and toss with the potatoes. YES !!! They are ready to eat!
One night I didn't have any potatoes, so I pan fried Zucchini and a little onion and served it with fresh corn on the cob. Of course add a few flowers for color!!! Oh and don't forget to drink lots of WATER!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Second Annual BEAN WEEK! July 2010

Last week we had our Second Annual BEAN WEEK! Mark and I and MOM and Alex got together last year and this year to FREEZE GREEN BEANS!!! Great Grandma Nordeen said green beans are the Best vegetable for you and she was right!!!! We love them!!! Next post I will post my recipe for Beans and Potatoes. Because Mark and I love our "Day Jobs" so much we managed to squeeze in web pages and quilting! Mark worked on my Online Store on my website and I worked on putting together the beginning parts of a T-shirt Quilt for Spencer (Mark's step son). It was a very productive week!!!